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KB7SQIs Magic Mod w/arabic v2.7.2
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Released: 10/31/2009
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Full w/Arabic Lite (No Arabic)

Here`s the HTC Magic Build w/ Arabic Support as requested for the Dream/Sapphire-32b. This build is based off Sapphire HTC Arabic Etisalat 2.56.494.7 as posted in this thread:

Before flashing this rom, like most other Roger builds, this requires SPL 1.33.2005.

The one thing this build has extra is Flash Support in the Brower like the Hero Builds. This is what I was primarily interested in, but in saying that, I decided to release a full build w/ all the extras from my KB7SQI`s Roger Mod. This turned out to be quite a nice build. It`s very quick & the flash support has been reported to be as good as what`s included in the hero builds, but a bit faster. This build is also based on CUPCAKE & not DONUT. Don`t bother asking if I`m going to add DONUT support. You`ll have to wait till it released by HTC. Sorry, but it`s already been asked. I hope the few who will really use this rom enjoy it.

Here`s a quick run down. Several apps have been moved to /data/apps to support the G1/Dream. I`ve decided to Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS) from here on out w/ this mod. Here`s the deal, if you want auto apps2sd, then flash the after you flash the rom. The stock builds does come w/ an a2sd script in bin & if you choose to have a script on /system/sd, it`ll run it otherwise it automatically sets the platform properly, enables compache by default and sets the clock speed to 528/245 Max/Min Mhz. This makes it a win/win for all & make things simpler for me to have to explain. But please NOTE, the auto apps2sd script I`ve included ONLY moves apps2sd, NO DATA! It`s much safer that way. It works exactly the way Soulife`s Roger`s Remix version does and it`s been customized for this build specifically! Thanks Soulife! Screenshots are posted below.


V2.7.2 - Warez FREE and forgot to mention the following was fixed in V2.7.1
-Network Search was fixed by updating build.props file. Enjoy!
-QuickOffice was removed as requested.

V2.7.1 - Newer kernel & compcache and theme available!
-Since things have moved around a bit, I`d recommend doing a wipe before hand.
-Kernel has been updated w/ swap_free notify support for compcache-0.5.4 test2 and I`ve backport squashfs-4.0 from 2.6.29
-compcache-0.5.4 test 2 added
-AdvancedLauncher has been removed. If you want to add it back, feel free.
-compache is now enabled by default
-Removed Google Maps. Grab it from the Market.
-There`s now a lite, full, & a theme that can be applied after flashing the rom.
-Lite is basically the build w/ Arabic support removed.
-Full build is as before w/ complete Arabic support for those who need it.
-I fixed the Google Sync Issue. Sorry about that.
-Made the builds much easier to maintain.
-Let me say I`m NO graphics guru first off. I have to say thanks to Soulife, Enomther, TheDude, everyone who provided parts from the following themes:
Hero, gChrome, enoch, zalgo and parts from the Cliq rom & Tattoo build. This is a mixture of something old & new. I basically tooks some png`s from each & used them to build a mostly hero theme that had a simple/clean look to it. I hope you like it.

V2.5.1.1 - Fixes issues w/ optimized Browser/Flash Player.
V2.5.1 - Build has been optimized & a few minor updates the init scripts.

V2.5 - Initial Release

Here`s the links:

Latest FULL version which is a FULL build w/ complete Ararbic Support:

Latest LITE version which has all Arabic Support Removed:

Theme which is a work in progress:

And the a2sd update to be flashed after flashing either build:

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