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By: Amon_RA
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[ Release notes / Info ]
Released: 10/10/2009
Supported Devices: - HTC Magic (32b): MyTouch3G Original / Google ION
Downloaded 2637 Times
Downloads: 32A Magic (=HTC branded)
32B Magic (=MT3G / VF)

This is a no nonsense ROM. It`s basically a mix of the ION DEV ROM - and the JFv1.51 ROM, loaded with extra features.
It`s build to run smooth, not to look pretty ^^


  • root (duh)
  • Multi-language : Deutsch, English, Espanol, Francais, Italiano
  • ION 1.6 Donut base
  • Tether support
    • Recompiled kernel RAv1.6.2 :
    • AOSP Donut kernel source
    • No MT support
    • Netfilter
    • Removed debugging
  • HTC Hero keyboard
  • Vodafone audio parameter settings (more clear audio)
  • Added apps :
    • Wireless Tether 1.60-pre3
    • Superuser Permissions (zinx`s)
    • SIM Toolkit
    • SpareParts
    • Dev Tools
    • HTC Exchange email client (Work email)
    • HTC Quickoffice v1.1.234
    • GestureBuilder
    • CustomLocale
    • NetSpeed (Hidden)
    • Term (Hidden)
  • Busybox v1.13.2
  • Many awesome JFv1.51 addons (See changelog for details)
  • Automatic APN configuration
  • Huge APN list

Frequently Asked Questions

0. What did you change compared to the previous version?!
See the attached Changelog!

1. Will this work on the Dream (G1)?
No - I have no plans to support it.

2. I get errors while applying the update?!
ALWAYS check the md5sum to make sure the zip isn`t corrupted.

3. I get "Verification failed" when applying the update.
Use a custom recovery with test-keys to apply the update.

4. Do I have to wipe?
Yes - I advise everyone to wipe to avoid issues.
If you`re upgrading from a previous RAv1.6.x-ROM a wipe is not mandatory. If weird things happen, try wiping anyway before reporting issues.

5. I can`t get adb/fastboot to work on my windows/mac/linux/hackingtosh?!
This question is not related to this ROM, please post your question in the general section so people can help you.

6. Battery life really sucks on this ROM.
Try scaling the CPU speed down manually.

7. Could you please release a new version with different CPU speed settings?
No - download a cpu-speed setting app and configure it yourself.

8. Application x is not working on your ROM!
Check if that application is Donut compliant.

9. Will you include more language?

10. How do I change the HTC_IME language?
Check out this awesome blog : If the keyboard doesn`t change your language is probably not implemented.

11. I want the LatinIME keyboard back!
Grab it from a Donut ROM and push it to /system/app.

12. Will you include HTC exchange support?
No - I don`t want to implement the HTC framework.

13. Will you release a lite-version of this ROM?
No - You can manually remove the apps you don`t need from /system/app.

14. I can`t install the media pack!
It`s a normal zip file, just unzip it to the root of your SD-card.

15. Where can I find theme`s for this ROM?
Check the theme section, MontAlbert ported some nice themes here :

16. Does this ROM support Apps-to-sd, Compcache, Multi-touch, ...?
If it`s not mentioned in the "supported features section" it`s probably not supported ;)

17. I found a bug / I`ve a request or question, what should I do?!
Just post it in this thread, and I`ll try to help you. Please don`t send me a PM, I`ll most probably not read it anyway.

18. Why don`t you answer my question?
Because it`s already answered in this FAQ.

19. When will you release a new version?
When it`s ready. 1 day of delay for each time someone asks me.




BASE: Description: Based on HTC ADP 1.6 DRC83 Release
BASE: Original Phone: ADP
BASE: Original Company: HTC
BASE: SPL Required: Any
SYS: Camera Still: S
SYS: Android Market: Y
SYS: Lock Screen: S
SYS: Dialer: S
SYS: Bluetooth: Y
SYS: Orientation on Home: Y
SYS: Orientation: Y
SYS: HTC Framework: N
SYS: Interface: Standard Google
SYS: Build Number: DRC83
SYS: Locales: English US/UK, Spanish US/Spain, French, Italian, Dutch, German
SYS: Wifi: Y
SYS: Radio Required: Any
SYS: Camera Video: S
SYS: Software Version: 1.6
SYS: Baseband Version: Any
SYS: Kernel Version: 2.6.29-RAv1.6.2
SYS: Free Memory: Enough
SYNC: Google Sync: Y
SYNC: Exchange ActiveSync: Y
SYNC: Desktop Outlook: N
IM: Yahoo: N
IM: Gtalk: Y
INPUT: Virtual Keyboard: HTC Hero
INPUT: Chinese Input: N
MOD: Multi Touch: N
MOD: Apps 2 SD: No
MOD: Tethering / Netfiler: Y
MOD: Themed in ROM: No
MOD: Number of Home Screens: 3 (Standard Launcher)
MOD: BusyBox: Y
MOD: Increased Ringer Volume: N
MOD: Superuser: Y
APPS: MyFaves: N
APPS: Flash Support: N
APPS: Browser: Standard
APPS: Other Applications: Wireless Tether 1.60-pre3, GestureBuilder, CustomLocale, Dev tools, SpareParts, Work E-Mail, Quickoffice, ...
APPS: Music Player: S
APPS: Twitter: N
APPS: MySpace: N
APPS: YouTube: Y
APPS: Amazon MP3: N
APPS: Enhanced Settings: N
APPS: Terminal Emulator: Y
APPS: PDF Viewer: N
APPS: Messaging (text): Y
APPS: Facebook: N
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