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Android 1.6 AKIRAH "Phoenix" 3.1
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Released: 10/13/2009
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Back from ashes...

This is official android 1.6 release for ADP1 + some AOSP, rooted and modified.

Current version

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* Fixed data synchronization
* Better terminal instead of terminal.apk
* WIFI Tether 1.6pre3
* More languages
* Camera should be fixed
* IM is back
* comes with ROM Updater

Suggest to wipe ext, and wipe data. You know the rules, might not be really required, but expect some FC`s and problems.

Known issues

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[I]No T-Mobile IM[/I]

Past versions

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3.0.2a Comes with BFS-303 + memory patch kernel (107 Mb RAM)
* most of problems should be fixed now
* Terminal, Wifi-Tether 1.6pre3

[ problems: no data synchronization, gmail push broken ]

kernel 2.6.29-mkk5 BFS 303
Japanese keyboard fixed
New cyanogen init.d
Cyanogen phone.apk and mms.apk

- updated frameworks and apks from official framework and SDK.
- Supported languages: Czech, German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Polish, Russian
- added some parts of text to speech and accessibility
- Full package update (no wipe required)

I suggest to cleanup /system/sd/dalvik-cache (might work without, but it`s better to do that).

2.1 - upgraded kernel to
see 2.0

2.0 - apps2sd
cm kernel 2.6.29 from
all donut goodies
compcache enabled by default
terminal, pdfreader, htc ime, and few things that I`ve forget to mention

What it requires:

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Radio 2.22.19_26I
Sdcard with FAT32/EXT2 or EXT3 or EXT4/
Recovery image that can flash ROMS not signed with release-keys
DangerSPL / HaykuroSPL


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* You might need to format your linux partition


Akirah 3.1
ANDROID1.6 Akirah.3.0
Upgrade from 2.0 to 2.1
ANDROID1.6 Akirah.2.1
ANDROID1.6 Akirah.2.0


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