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KB7SQI`s Rogers Mod 2.7.2
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Released: 10/31/2009
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So why another Rogers based build or updated Virtudude Rogers Rom V3 build? The reason for this rom is because I had a few friends request it and there`s been several requests in Virtudude`s thread.

Before flashing this rom, like most other Roger builds, this requires SPL 1.33.2005. If you want all the "auto" goodness like apps2sd, compcache, etc, please feel free to look the following builds:
Enomther`s TheOfficial Rogers (dream/sapphire-32B) MOD
Soulife`s Roger Remix! Please check out his thread:

These guys provided alot of support for this build directly. Thanks again!

Before swapping over to Soulife`s awesome Roger`s Remix, I ran VirtuDude`s v3 rom for sometime. It was always stable & ran well. I don`t consider myself a "developer." By day, I work as a Sun SSE, but I do run linux @ home besides Solaris, OpenSolaris, etc. All I did was compile the kernel & a lot of repacking based on others work. All the credit really goes to the all the great developers here especially Soulife, Virtudude, Haykuro, JF, Cyanogen, & enomther. If you like this rom, then please donate to them! They deserve it. Thanks for making this stuff enjoyable to learn!

Here`s a quick run down. I`ve decided to Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS) from here on out w/ this mod. Here`s the deal, if you want auto apps2sd, then flash the after you flash the rom. The stock builds does come w/ an a2sd script in bin & if you choose to have a script on /system/sd, it`ll run it otherwise it automatically sets the platform properly, enables compache by default and sets the clock speed to 528/245 Max/Min Mhz. This makes it a win/win for all & make things simpler for me to have to explain. But please NOTE, the auto apps2sd script I`ve included ONLY moves apps2sd, NO DATA! It`s much safer that way. It works exactly the way Soulife`s Roger`s Remix version does and it`s been customized for this build specifically! Thanks Soulife!

This build is based off the latest Rogers HTC Dream Update 1.86.631.1 release on 08/25/2009. Thanks goes out to Charrion for risking his Dream & providing the dump! Here`s the information posted on the HTC web site:

The ROM software update posted below provides several key enhancements for your HTC Dream:
-Improves the overall device functionality and stability
-Enables correct SMS timestamp
-Enables Chinese character display for POP3 HTML Emails
-Corrects E-mail client exchange Issues

V2.7.2 - New Build based off of V2.3 that includes the following:
-New Kernel based off my Magic Build that includes the new compcache-0.5.4 modules & swap_free_notify_patch. Compcache now enabled by default
-New init structure! Keep it Simple Stupid. ;-) a2d is not enabled by default, use the a2sd update previded below!
-Removed QuickOffice from build. Warez Free!
-Added HTC_CIME.apk for complete Chinese Support as requested.
-Updated the APN list and fixed the Network Search issue! I`m sure this will make many European users happy! This required reverting back to the stock and updating the build.prop files. Now you`ll notice an H most of the time when using 3g. It`s ok. :-)
-Updated both the modules.sqf & updated xbin.sqf from Magic Build.

V2.3 - I got the hint release - from the 20-40 people who really use the ROM. lol
- This build is based on V2.1 with the following changes:
- This is again a non odex release - You have 60 megs free on a wipe
- I`ve cleaned up the boot process again
- Chinese Support, all ringtones, wallpaper, etc are back.
- Loccy`s BetterBrowser has been removed & back is the stock browser
- PID priotization has been added but as an option. See the /system/bin/userinit example script.
- Fixed the apn issue as in the V2.2 release
- If you`re upgrading from V2.1 or lower no wipe required, but if you installed V2.2, I`d recommend it. Sorry.
- If you want to install a theme, use Enomther`s hero v2 theme from his thread, but the Advanced Launcher will not be themed!

V2.2 - One for for the road - Fastest Build to date! ;-)
- This build is odex`ed. Please WIPE before installing. - Sorry, but you`ll thank me!
-Cleaned up the boot process.
-Fixed the apn issue - reverted back to old apns-conf.xml file.
-Removed Chinese Supoort, all but required wallpaper & ringtones, & notifications. Sorry, but need the space for odex`ing!
-Fasted build to date & 82 megs free after fresh install.
-Don`t install themes - It`ll break the build! Sorry.

V2.1 - Nice Speed Improvement & Alternative Launcher!
-This started out as slight experiment w/ using Soulife`s optimized apk`s from his 3.0 build. It was a nice speed increase as well space saver! Thanks Soulife.
-added Irrenhuas/Rogro82`s Advanced Launcher - Rogers Themed - fast/multiple-homescreens/auto-rotate/(5x4/6x3) app drawer/sub-folders/etc.
-added Loccy`s BetterBrowser as default (simply better)
-added PID priotization from miketaylor`s script (speedup phone ringtimes, music performance and media boost)
You can thank Enomther for the Roger`s Themed AdvancedLauncher & the last minute PID priotization. We were trying to find away to completely replace the HTCLauncher, but adding the AdvancedLauncer is nice alternative! Thanks to both Soulife & Enomther!
- Updated to the latest lucid script
- included nano in xbin.cramfs
- updated the fixperm script to the latest v1.29
- And some other changes, I`m sure I forgot. ;-)

Here`s the complete changelog:
1. The kernel has been updated to 2.6.27-00399-gc7f8bce. I took the time to setup a complete android build environment & built my own kernel. This kernel inlcudes support for tun, ipsec, ipfilter, ipv6, fuse, cifs, cramfs, ext2/3, cpu scaling,. Close to what JF`s 1.51 kernel contained minus unionfs support, and I didn`t apply any multi touch patches. If you`d like to see other things added, feel free to let me know. It`s easy enough to re-compile the kernel. Only takes 10 min or so. The kernel update was done because of the following security alerts:
- Kernel security update fixes a critical vulnerability common to all linux kernels that are un-patched (sock_sendpage() Local Root0 exploit).
2. /system/frameworks is no longer using cramfs. It`s extracted like most other updated Roger`s builds. The reason for this is so others can easily theme it.
3. I removed sbin/busybox from the boot.img`s ramdisk. Updated the init.rc in boot.img to export TERMINFO & set max/min cpu scaling 384/128 to extend battery life.
4. Included the new wlan.ko in /system/lib/modules to be compatible w/ the new kernel and added the following changes:
Google Maps updated to 3.1.2
Reomved HTC QuickOffice to 1.0.1
Updated the apn list
Included Cyanogen`s Donut Dalvik VM from 3.9.1
Updated lucid script in /system/bin to the latest release - Hint this will do apps2sd if you choose to use it. That`s why Virtudude included it.
Updated the build.prop to be seen as a T-Mobile G1 so MyAccount 2.0 works, and protected/paid apps work correctly again.
Added iptables to /system/bin - WiFi Tethering works great!
Added Haykuro`s HTC_IME.apk.
Added HTC_CIME.apk
Added Java from Hero. Jbed.apk in /system/app & to system/lib
Re-added Stericson`s tweaked Amazon apk
Re-added PCSCII.apk - Which is needed for those using HTC Sync.
Added bash to system/xbin.cramfs
Compiled/Added Compcache 0.5.4 w/ARM fix Enable by default.
Removed all the Rogers apps, & the Updater app.
I added these changes taken from Soulife`s excellent Rogers Remix:
~added cyanogens sexy black terminal
~added cyanogens log collector (no more excuses for lack of logs)
~clearcache added to bin (clear Android Market, Browser, GMail, Google Maps, StreetView, Youtube cache)
~lowered boot sound in extended (so when i restart my phone at 2am i dont scare the shit out of myself)
Added rwsystem and rosystem to bin (just type rwsystem as su in terminal to mount system as read write etc..)
From Cyanogen`s release, I`ve added:
his terminfo in /system/etc/terminfo
his updated e2fsck, mke2fs, tune2fs, busybox, powertop & his new htop port in /system/xbin
updated toolbox, sh, su in /system/bin
From Cyanogen`s 4.0.2 release, I`ve added:
Added the dropbear SSH server into xbin

Make sure you check out this thread for setting up the dropbear ssh server:

Here`s the link for the lastest release:

Here`s the link for the a2sd update to be flashed after flashing rom:

Here`s a the previous stable release:


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