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TheOfficial Rogers - Enomther`s MOD - v2.0.1
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Released: 2/1/2010
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This is enomther`s version of the latest Rogers build - (1.86.631.1 - Now with the supposed e911 fixes)

- Again, root
- A non-bunk recovery image that can flash ROM`s signed with testkeys (such as Cyanogen`s 1.4, or Amon_RA`s 1.2.3)
- if you have a Dream/G1 - Haykuro`s DangerSPL v1.33.2005 SPL - Get it here (and please follow the instructions carefully)
- if you have a sapphire32B/MyTouch3G, your SPL should be good
- sapphire 32A is not supported
- not required, but ... a second partition (ext2/ext3) on your SDCard, if you want Apps2SD. EXT4 IS NOT SUPPORTED!
- not required, but ... a third partition (linux-swap), if you want to utilize a linux-swap partition.

See POST#2 for Themes & Resources!

Yes, the Rogers apps are included. If you don`t want them, open the Terminal and perform ...


Select option #15 and when prompt to remove Rogers apps, say yes.

Big Thanks go out ....
To JF, Cyanogen, Haykuro, JAC, ccyrowski, TheDudeOfLife, Soulife, KB7SQI, irrenhaus, rogro82, Loccy, cytown, rgv151, LucidREM, miketaylor00, Meltus, Moonspoon, Tehseano, Manup456, beagz, sir*mez, Prash, mannyb, RichieDaze, JonnyBeuno, nabzilla1990, all the other theme, app & ROM devs), AndroidSpin (for hosting space and a great ROM DB), .... AND ...... most of all to XDA-developers and the XDA community ... THANK YOU!

If you like or use this work, you can always buy me a drink of anykind

- Updated base build ... now based on the updated build from Rogers/HTC to fix the e911 debacle.
- redid compression schemes for better/smoother performance.
- zipaligned all apks in ROM and themes for better/smoother performance.
- de-odex`d everything for easier build and theme maintenance.
- reverted to the updated/stock libhtc_ril ... just in case this has any bearing what-so-ever on Rogers users.
- re-included CIME libraries in system/lib ... (and now there is plenty of /system space) ... so if CIME is pushed to system it will work properly.
--- Redid all the themes ... so please be sure to grab the updated theme if you use them!

- So this wasn`t the "update" I wanted to give you guys ...
Still waiting on the Rogers Donut build drop, but ...
wanted to go ahead and provide the progress I`ve made in the build
that doesn`t require donut.
Hopefully we`ll see that update soon!

- upgraded - compcache to 0.5.4 w/CONFIG_SWAP_FREE_NOTIFY patch
-- backing-store enabled by default if linux-swap partition exists
- added - more performance tweaks
- added - Automatic SDCard Partition discovery
--- now you can run linux-swap/cc-backing-store without an ext partition (w/out apps2sd)
- added - VSAPP`s can now be install to /data
- added - MT3G users can now uninstall vsapps (no-more sys-vsapps)
- added - option (#15) in expsetup to easily remove built-in apps (for the Stock lovers)
- added - HERO-Style Animations/Transitions
- altered - default swappiness set the 45
- Updated/Fixed - Build now registers as Donut DRC83/DRC92
----- This will STOP the OTA updates, and the Market is now fully functional using Donut build fingerprints.
- fixed - you now MUST disable compcache to run pure linux-swap (impossible to run both )
- fixed - long boot time for non-apps2sd users
--- FirstBoot still takes a bit (be patient) ... but after that ... the boot FLYS!!!!
- removed - option 100 for myTouch users, vsapps now install to data

- reverted/fixed - APN list to a known working list
- tweaked - PID prioritization
--- Smoothed out the UI a lil bit
--- Greatly reduced phone "lag" when sync`ing w/Exchange in the background
- updated - lucid script to 1.60.5
--- NOTE: This is now more compatible with "TheOfficial", Thanks to LucidREM
--- and you can use this to obtain the Meltus audio mods.
---- For example, to obtain Meltus v7 audio mod, run "lucid -au v7" in the terminal after su.

- fixed - Camcorder FC issue.

- added - Irrenhuas/Rogro82`s Advanced Launcher - Rogers Themed - fast/multiple-homescreens/auto-rotate/(5x4/6x3) app drawer/sub-folders/etc
- added - rgv151`s MMS app as default (simply better/stable)
- added - Loccy`s BetterBrowser as default (simply better)
- added - fully odex`d system framework and apps (for more speed! and quicker boot times)
- added - cute android HTC boot animation
- added - PID priotization from miketaylor`s script (speedup phone ringtimes, music performance and media boost)
- added - option to disable PID priotization in expsetup
- removed - Resource Installer in expsetup (As those nice apps are built-in now )
- removed - CIME libs - as these come with the CIME vsapp
- fixed - expansion pack version (for easy ROM switching between TheOfficial TMO/ADP/Rogers builds)
- updated - TheOfficial HERO Rogers Theme to v3 (to be compat with this build)
---- Finally - This was the "theming" base we we`re been waiting for, now we can get some themes going

- replaced - (now from ION)
- fixed - HW Model display issue, now G1/MyTouch display properly, should fix MyFaves issues
- fixed - reboot freeze in the expsetup util
- added - expsetup now reboots and flashes resources automatically (with consent)

- added - updated APN list - Thanks to KB7SQI
- added - MultiLanguage Support - Thanks to KB7SQI
-- NOTE: Chinese (Need to add CIME manually in expsetup)
-- NOTE: Japanese (Need to add iWnne manually in expsetup)

- fixed - sapphire-32B hardware init issues.

- added - dual hardware support for dream/sapphire-32B
- added - Auto-Apps2SD, if a 2nd partition exists.
- added - Auto-Compcache 0.5.3 - stable w/ARM fix, (~32MB).
- added - Linux-Swap partition support.
- added - ext2/ext3 partition checking on boot.
- added - modified build.prop (Presents CRC1-US for dream & COC10-US for sapphire-32B)
--- Fixes all Market issues
- added - 2.6.27 TheOfficial kernel
--- security patched
--- ext2/ext3 fs support, linux-swap
--- Multi-Touch support
--- unionfs/cifs/fuse fs support
--- ipv6 support
--- tun and ipsec support
- added - signing into google is "optional", you can use Wifi
- added - All features controlled by command `expsetup`, run in TerminalApp.
- added - SetCPU functions to expsetup
- added - Cyanogen`s CPUFreqSamplingMOD to expsetup
- added - AndroidSPIN VSAPP Installer in expsetup
- added - AndroidSPIN Resource Installer in expsetup
- added - vsapp uninstaller to expsetup
- added - vsapp to /system installer for MT3G users to expsetup
- added - ExpansionPack LogFile generation to expsetup
- added - odex`ing /data/app`s in expsetup
- added - suppress stripping odex files on boot option in expsetup
- added - reboot function in the exp_lib
- added - optional /data/expstick/bin/ startup execution
- added - All official AOSP 1.5r3 binaries.
- added - Full (Mostly) featured BusyBox
- added - library support to include /data/expstick/lib
- added - fix_permissions v1.26
- added - lucidREM`s lucid v1.60.03 script
- added - dropbear SSH server & keygen
- added - rwsystem/rosystem scripts
- added - better toolbox in /system/bin
- added - AmazonMP3 App
- added - VoiceSearch
- added - SpareParts app
- added - GoogleMaps to the latest, v3.1.2
- added - andTether 1.52
- added - HTC_IME
- added - Root (su/Superuser.apk)
- added - Terminal App

(TheOfficial Rogers ROM v2.0.1)

MD5: 6ef4baf6cc29d41f122a32b50ba5f694