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LHero by Maxisma (DONUT)
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Released: 9/13/2009
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-Added script to switch between Hero and Rogers transitions (animation when switching between apps) - "su" then "switchto_herotrans" in terminal or "switchto_rogtrans" for rogers transitions, you have to reboot for changes to take effect ;-)
-Based on CM-4.1.8
-Updated Lockscreen, music control now working
-Global Search (native Donut globalsearch)
-install_qwertz for easy switching to QWERTZ-layout
-Skinned to look like Hero
-Updated Browser 
-Changed animations when switching windows to Rogers
-HTC-like boot image (the HTC-logo)
-Auto compcache (24 MB)
-Added T9 Dial
-Newer HTC_IME
-Enhanced YouTube app
-rwsystem & rosystem
-Rogers animations when switching windows

Added these apps:
-Twidroid (Skinned)
-Twidgit (Twitter Widget)
-Several Settings-Widgets
-Mixzing Music Player instead of the HTC Music because it has a Hero like Music Widget and Last.FM scrobble integration but is faster
-Battery Life Widget
-Bookmark Widget (Live Folder) (Long Click on Homescreen and select Folders, then Live Bookmarks)

Maybe Haykuros SPL, Need someone who tells me if it works on HardSPL too.

Todolist for next build:
- Maybe add HTC Music again..


Haykuro,JAC,Drizzy,ccyrowski,Cyanogen,TwistedUmbre lla,More Devs 


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