AndroidSPIN Release Information for JACMyTouchSki v2.5.2

JACMyTouchSki v2.5.2
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Released: 8/7/2009
[ Release notes / Info ]

 This ROM is a JAC CCyrowki effort themed by Manup456

...this is a ROM based on the T-mobile Mytouch optimized and tweaked to the max by CC and JAC


MyTouchski <---- that title is borderline obscene hahahaha

Anyway, without further adieu.... THE FEATURES

1. Daproy`s 2.6.29 kernel
2. scaled cpu frequency (thanks cyanogen)
3. no auto overclocking in init.rc
4. call a2sd in /system/bin oneshot from init.rc
5. removed /data/init.rc call in init.rc
6. busybox in /sbin in boot.img
7. to mount noatime and nodiratime
8. updated dalvikvm
9. lucid in /system/bin for audio hacks etc
10. updated and auto a2sd in /system/bin
11. su and superuser.apk
12. fix_permissions
13. linux-swap support included but not required!!!!!!!




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