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Tainted Vanilla V1.4 OVERCLOCKED
By: hoban
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Released: 5/18/2010
Supported Devices: - HTC Droid Eris
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-Tainted Vanilla ROM-
is an ongoing attempt at creating a vanilla android experience on the Eris. Since HTC hasn`t given us a good way of getting rid of all of their Sense bits, all of our roms are "tainted" by it. Eventually, we`ll have a way of getting rid of it all and this rom will be reborn as Pure Vanilla ROM.
I will always strive to remove as much of the HTC Sense components as I can without losing functionality, replacing them with Vanilla pieces whenever possible.

A lot of work has gone into this rom. If you enjoy using it, I would love a donation! Any amount is fine!

Ivan - Base ROM
Unknown - Creator of boot animation
Zanfur - kernel with OC support
jcase - always helps me when I have questions
testers - you all help make this work!
anyone I`ve forgotten, let me know

Always remember to create a nandroid backup before flashing, I`m not responsible for broken phones. You do everything at your own risk.


*Most of SenseUI including:
Mail.apk (replaced with vanilla)
Mms.apk (replaced with vanilla)
Music.apk (replaced with vanilla)
Calculator.apk (replaced with vanilla)
Browser.apk (replaced with vanilla)

*Vanilla DeskClock (use this for alarms)
*Vanilla MMS
*Vanilla (droid) Email
*Vanilla Music
*Vanilla Contacts
*Vanilla Calculator
*Vanilla Browser
The following are installed by default but can be un-installed via the standard android application manager!
*Gmail.apk (use the vanilla mail program instead, it`ll give you a unified inbox!)
*Launcher2 (AKA Nexus Launcher)
*Helix Launcher (My favorite Launcher by far!)
*CorCAL (For exchange corporate calendar sync)
*Google Talk
*ASTRO File Manager
*Google Voice
*Home Switcher
*Google Maps
*Spare Parts (set animations to "fast" for an even faster-feeling rom!)
*Wired Tether
*Wireless Tether

*Add task killer tweak for speed
*Experimental support for apps2sd - ext2/ext3 only, *not* ext4 (please test and report back success/failure!)
*Zipalign all *.apk files to optimize RAM usage
*Changed boot animation
*Disabled OTA updates
*Changed default wallpaper
*Live wallpapers are back & maps navigation working
*HTC keyboard and vanilla both available (use htc for voice typing)

Which launcher should I use?
When you first boot (after setup), you`ll be prompted to choose a launcher. You are given the following options:
*HelixLauncher - from the market. This one is my favorite! Has a toggle-able number of home screens, supports tilt rotation, and more!
*Home (Launcher) - very stable and FAST.
*Nexus Launcher (Launcher2) - fun 3d effects but has some issues on Eris.

Notable changes in 1.4:
Vanilla/HTC hybrid dialer - Thanks jadesdan!
Helix Launcher added - Thanks arctu
Autokiller - Thanks AndRS Studio
ASTRO File Manager - Thanks Metago
Google Voice - Thanks Google
*Many apps made un-installable via standard android package manager in case you don`t want them!
*Speed tweaks!

Known issues with version 1.4:
*Some people experience Browser force closes under some conditions. Visit the market and browse around to fix it as a workaround for now. After doing so, no more FC`s.
*Gallery will not work with opengl LWP patch found elsewhere (makes images transparent and kills performance)
*OOPS! I don`t use corporate calendar so I didn`t notice it force closes.
To fix, flash the file called "" located in my folder on httpd:// No wipe needed. Sorry about this silly issue!


Version 1.4 (Full-wipe install)
Download from my folder on:
MD5SUM - 589503d43314b816b1eb67e96c6073ae

When tweaking overclock settings with SetCPU, don`t check "set on boot" until you know you have stable settings. Start at 528MHz and move up to see where the sweet spot for your phone is. This can avoid getting your phone into an unbootable state if you set the frequency too high and have it set at boot time.

Further performance increase (possibly less stable), use:

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If you enjoy this rom, please consider donating to help buy my daughter a toy.

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