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SuperBadCM5 v1.2.4GJ
By: htcclay
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Released: 5/16/2010
Supported Devices: - HTC Dream (32b): T-Mobile G1 / HTC ADP1
Downloaded 7128 Times
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Welcome to SuperBadCM5 from htcclay.
SuperBadCM5 V1.2.4

-All fixes from Cyan`s Test 5
-Reverted back to Beta 6.9 from 1.2.2...It`s just running better on this.
-Removed HTC music.apk (If you would like to install it click here:
-Removed swap. Does not start anymore, unless you have a on your sd.
-Fixed Dialer....I know...I know...Let me know.
-This puppy is fast. I recommend a can probably get by without it. But I would.
-A whole lot more...Thanks to everyone. You know who you guys are.

In Christ...
Link here:

SuperBadCM5 V1.2.3

-All fixes from Cyan`s Test 4.
-Added Media Gallery from Moto Milestone.
-Added Live wallpaper back.(Added script from Firerat.) Working okay.
-Fixed the number "1" Hopefully in phone dialer.
-Fixed Nandroid+ext backup.


SuperBad CM5 V1.2.2GJ [5/12/2010]

-Added HTC Music (Thanks to the_fish over at XDA for posting!)
-Removed Live wallpapers..(Didn`t work as well as I would like.)
-Fixed data 3G. (I`m averaging 950kbps Down and 390kbps Up...and I only have two bars.)
-Fixed (Hopefully) dialer for those who don`t have "Dial 1 for Voice Mail".
-Added a few this and that`s...
In Christ

SuperBadCM5 V1.2.1GJ With HotFix: [5/10/2010]

The same below with Cyan`s HotFix added:

v1.2 Has everything listed from below plus...

-All fixes from CM5 Test 3 are included. (Thanks to Cyanogen and his team!)
-Everything is refreshed for v1.2.
-Added color icons in settings.
-Added eclair dialer back in.
-Swap is now set to 32% "swappiness" and enabled at boot.
-Facebook should sync now...not sure...Let me know, I don`t use it.
-Removed Old Facebook apk so It can now be downloaded from the market. =)
-I did a lot of work on 1.2 and it shows. I hope all is enjoyed.

-Shouldn`t require a wipe if coming from v1.1 or Cyan`s...Although, I always wipe.

SuperBad v1.2 With Jit and Google Apps.
Download: latest version here:

I`m not including an OC kernel in this...
If you would like to try one look here:

Battery Issues? Try this first before posting:

I am not responsible if you turn your phone into a paper weight.
Please search before asking any questions. Please post a logcat.
Jesus is Lord!
Version 1.1GJ: [5/6/2010]

- Added new android Bios Boot animation posted by frysee.
- Added JIT. And this guy is smooth...
- Added latest Music.apk from eliotstocker.
- Added Latest Beta 6 from AnderWeb.
- Swap is to 30%. Thanks to Dr.Cloverdale.
- Nandroid+ext backup should now work in recovery. Also,thanks to Dr.Cloverdale.=)

I added a lot to this one. You`ll be able to see as soon as you flash.

I always turn animations on fast in spareparts. It really opens it up.
Version 1.0G:
- Swap script added from Dr.Cloverfield`s magic elixer.
- Need ext partition.
- Full update with gapps.
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