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DamageControl v2.08
By: Damageless
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Released: 5/2/2010 2:31:08 PM
Supported Devices: - HTC Hero (CDMA)
Downloaded 389 Times
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DamageControl v2.08 - Now with Friendstream, Theme Server, DConfig, MUCH more!

About the ROM:
This ROM will never be a ROM that is focused on customizations, but more on speed and reliability. I figure that anybody can add whatever mods or themes they want to the ROM and release what they want. I am more focused on providing something solid.

There are a few customized applications that come with this ROM, including DCUpdater (based on CM-updater), from which you can check for the latest updates to the ROM and download them OTA. Take note that these apps can be removed, however they were put in the /system/app directory, so you will likely have to remount as r/w before you remove them. In 2.08, you will also find another application named DConfig. This app allows you to customize the ROM while running it! This will be continually updated, and we hope to get your feedback and ideas about it.

DCUpdater will allow me to release smaller releases in the future that will improve performance and stability, so you can always be sure that your phone is up-to-date with the latest that there is! It comes with dozens of features, all of which I cannot document here.

It should also be noted that I will experimentally start supporting other ROMs based upon mine, by providing them with support and many of the same applications that are in my ROM to them, customized to their ROM. A separate thread will be created about this. However, if you are interested, please contact me via PM. Those with themes that work with my ROM can also PM me as these will also be distributed through this app. ROM developers who base their ROMs off of mine will also get free space on my servers as well as a few more added benefits, such as special access to early releases and other added benefits (a big one is coming in the next few weeks!). Again, this is experimental, but if you are interested, please contact me. You will notice ROMs starting to appear in a week or so with these options.

This ROM also includes a program that will allow you to send bugs straight to me. This will allow me to find problems and fix them as quickly as possible, as well as a way for you to get personal support from me. This app is simply named `Send Bug Report`.

If you are upgrading from a previous version of DamageControl from 2.0+, you should be able to flash without a wipe. However, I always recommend one for optimal settings.

I know there will be a lot of questions from many of you theme devs about how to get your themes up on my server so that others can easily download them (easy distribution channel), and to do that all you need to do is PM me. I will be offering a service soon that will allow each of you to see analytics of how many people are downloading and using your themes, so I would take advantage of this now.

Keep in mind that DCUpdater will not work and will crash if you are in Disk mode. You need to be disconnected from the computer to update.

Also, moving audio to SD doesn`t work in DConfig. This will be fixed soon and and update will be pushed out.

Special thanks goes to that special someone who helped me get the leaks in the first place.

Wipe before flashing!

Live Wallpapers (LWP) in HTC Sense
If you would like Live Wallpapers (I decided to take them out), then you will want to flash the file below:


Changelog v2.08
-New DConfig tweaker tool
Theme Server
-New beefed up apps2sd. If any errors are encountered post /data/dcboot.log
-scheduler tweaks
-Working Friendsync
-Gallery3d fully working
-Newer XDA keyboard
-Fixed sprint NFL
-Optimized Even more/Cleaned up directories
-Connection tweaks
-Fixed fb sync
-Ring delay fixes
-More dalvik tweaks
-Potential audio fix & battery life fix

**First boot will take awhile if upgrading. Clears dalvik & fixes uids
If facebook sync doesn`t show up in friendstream in friendstream press menu, settings, accounts & sync, facebook for htc
sense & turn on sync live feed.

-Removed LWP by default (flash zip above if you want it back!)
-Optimized build.prop/dalvik (thanks to TrevE)
-Modified minfree settings to be less aggressive (people seem to be having problems)
-Changed CPU governor
-Removed Launcher.apk
-Other small changes

-Added LiveWallpapers in Sense (thanks to zenulator and mssmision)
-Optimized APKs (thanks to TrevE)
-Youtube defaults to HD (thanks to TrevE)
-Added permissions in /etc/permissions (thanks to TrevE)
-Other small changes

-Added DCUpdater
-Market fix - thanks goes to flipz for figuring this out
-Added bug reporter app
-Removed GSD
-Other small goodies

I normally do not ask for donations, however I am getting married soon and could certainly use help! You can donate to me by clicking here.

Keep in mind that TrevE and I have teamed up, and he has his own personal Paypal account. You can donate to him by clicking here.

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