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Fresh Rom 2.0d
By: flipz
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Released: 4/24/2010 7:20:08 AM
Supported Devices: - HTC Hero (CDMA)
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Fresh Rom 2.0d (Android 2.1) by flipz


Changes / features:

  • Based on new Sprint leak (thanks damageless. Note that fresh rom is not at all based on damage control, but he shared the leak.)
  • Auto apps2sd (as long as your card is partitioned properly, it will use it)
  • Autokiller (an app that lets you dynamically set your memory kill off points — you decide how aggressive you want to be. It will ask for root on first boot, make sure to hit always allow. Then once your phone is booted open the app to pick your setting.)
  • Multi-touch maps
  • All protected apps in market (I’ll edit this if I get confirmed reports of missing apps)
  • Visual voicemail
  • Live wallpapers (yea, they’re back! Keep in mind that our phone can’t handle the higher end ones.)
  • Accelerometer working (I broke it in 2.0c while playing with a2sd at the last minute. Oops!)
  • Removed now defunct Sprint NFL and replaced it with the new Sprint Football Live
  • SMS notification led now works
  • Trackball led now works
  • No google sign on error
  • HTC Power Manager (do not use SetCPU!)
  • Espresso bottom bar by flipz
  • Full color HTC sliders by flipz
  • flash_image for flashing RA
  • Custom htc_ime from xda (English and Spanish activated.)
  • Multi-touch Google maps
  • Custom PRI correction by flipz (this will automatically correct your PRI so that you can update your PRL and use the Sprint apps. No crazy steps. NOTE: You will notice your radio drop out for a bit on first boot while it does this, and this is right about the time that you will be hitting the google sign on setup screen. Wait for the radio to drop and come back, and then data to return)
  • Nexus Launcher2 (thanks 702droid)
  • Removed:
    • Amazon mp3
    • GSD (HTC test program that was draining battery)
    • HTC Footprints
    • HTC Ringtone trimmer
    • HTC Sound recorder
    • HTC Stocks
    • Quick Office
    • Learn more
    • pdf viewer
    • Sprint navigator
    • Sprint Nascar
    • Sprint TV
    • Teeter
    • DOWNLOAD REMOVED APKS HERE: If you use Fresh Kitchen 1.0.5 you can copy them to your My Apk’s folder and use the app installer to install them.  :)
  • Added:
    • Busy box
    • Estrongs file explorer
    • Super User
    • Wifi tether 1.6 (downgraded due to DHCP/NAT issues)
    • Autokill

What to expect / how to flash it / READ THIS :

  • Download and copy the zip to the root of your sdcard
  • Reboot to RA and do a data wipe / factory reset (REQUIRED)
  • If you are running a2sd on another rom then you will most likely have to wipe your SD EXT partition also (this will delete all of your apps)
  • Pick flash zip from sdcard and select
  • After it finishes flashing reboot. Expect the first boot up to take a while. 5+ minutes
  • If it freezes during first boot then you were likely using a2sd from another rom. Unfortunately during earlier 2.x roms there were a few versions of a2sd floating around and now that is going to cause problems. If this happens to you (and you already did a factory reset like you should have) then you will need to boot in to RA and go to wipe and then Wipe SD:Ext Partition. This will delete all apps off your sdcard. You will want to reflash the rom if you have to do this or else you will be missing some apps from the rom.
  • When the phone boots and comes to the user setup screen you will see your radio signal drop out a short while later. This is the auto PRI being applied. Do not try adding your google or facebook accounts until after this process has happened or else it will just fail to log in.
  • During the setup you will also notice the new customized keyboard for the first time and you will see that the minimize button is gone. Use the enter button on the keyboard to sync your accounts, or hit your menu button to minimize it. Once the phone boots you can go in to your keyboard settings and enable “swipe down to hide” which you will use to hide the keyboard. I recommend you check out all the settings (screen shot below) to tweak it how you like it. Hate it? Grab this update to go back to htc:
  • After you are are booted you will be prompted with a SU request for autokiller, make sure to click always allow. Expect the phone to be a little laggy for a minute as everything stabilizes. A reboot after the first bootup finishes is recommended, especially if you were previously having PRI/PRL problems.
  • The stock vanilla lock screen is still broken. This is straight from HTC and is how it is.
  • If you are using apps2sd and are re-flashing this rom without wiping for any reason then you are going to get an error during the flash that mentions an error on DATA: . This is because it can’t access /data/app properly while in RA. To resolve the issue you can either do a data wipe or delete the symlink and make a folder. Assuming you are using a2sd then you won’t lose any data, it just needs to make the folder. Issue the following adb commands while in RA, and then reboot in to RA again and flash the rom:
    • adb shell mount /data
    • adb shell rm /data/app
    • adb shell mkdir /data/app


  • If after flashing you end up with any data issues then first try rebooting. If that doesn’t resolve it for you then try updating your profile and PRL. This is a side effect of the different PRI’s and PRL’s that people have ended up on. You may actually need to update your profile and PRL a couple times to get everything going but I promise it will. You should end up on PRL 60663.
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