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Oreddy`s CM for mytouch1.2/LE/Fender)
By: oreddy32
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Released: 4/23/2010 4:58:29 AM
Supported Devices: - HTC Magic (32a): MyTouch3G Fender/Vodafone Magic
Downloaded 127 Times
Downloads: Oreddy`s CM ROM
Defanged Base

I have successfully ported cyanogenmod to my mytouch 1.2 (LE), just thought i would share,the port is fully stable the only thing thats
not working is tethering, touchscreen works,headjack,video,etc. you must flash 1.6 DRC83 base defanged before flashing the port, you should
be able to find that somewhere around this forum or cyanogenmod website.. i reccommend that you do a full wipe flash base then flash this port
should have no problems... so here it is if anybody wants it..

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