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KaosLegendary V.12
By: punk.kaos
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Released: 4/17/2010
Supported Devices: - HTC Droid Eris
Downloaded 78 Times
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This is a rom based on a dump from the HTC Legend.
It *IS* Sense based, and basically seems to work, but if your phone explodes, catches fire, or causes impotence don`t blame me. It was ported from Darchstar`s Legend rom for the CDMA Hero, which can be found at
use at your own risk.

This rom will occasionally time out the Google login *UNLESS* you leave your clock in 24h format.

Things that work:
Legend Widgets
USB Tether
Most of the Live wallpapers
AOSP Voice Keyboard
Multitouch Maps/Browser


Things that don`t work yet:
A few of the live wallpapers FC.
Powering down(Hangs)
MMS sometimes.
Fullscreen Weather animations.


Rom now odex`d(No more 5 minute first boot!)
Shutdown/reboot fixed.
Missing maps in Google Nav fixed.
Memory speed tweaks.
Removed Autokiller as it conflicts with speed tweaks
Removed Swype till I can get the FC issues fixed.
Google login bug should be fixed now.
Multitouch Google Maps.
Time without signal bug should be fixed.
Updated Framework to newer Legend release.
This rom is FAST!

Thanks to Binny1070 for fixes/tweaks!

LWP in Rosie/Sense.
Wireless Tether support included.
EN-US locale now included.
Removed Morelocales app.
Fix market to include Verizon apps(Thanks Binny!)

Added Swype keyboard
Added busybox aliases
More work on MMS.
Added More_Locales app so you can have US_EN locale.
Added boot animation(Its in /data/local so you can remove it if you don`t like it)

Fix for rosie settings texture issue(7 over the settings button)
Added latest OpenGL patch (Check for license info)
Updated Nexus launcher to latest version.
More tries to fix MMS.

Broke Rosie in V.07, restoring Rosie functionality.

MMS sorta working.
Some internal bug fixes that were causing the occasional random reboot.


Changed keyboard to black AOSP keyboard with many extra settings(thanks sunder74!)
SHOULD fix Google Login bug.
Added Nexus Launcher as additional launcher (clear default on sense to use)
Removed Live Wallpapers till I can make them work better.


Fixed proximity and acceleration sensors(Anti-Cheek touch support works now)
Changed some things to HOPEFULLY fix SU and Market issues(Let me know!)
Removed some junk apps.


Fixed WiFi

Fixed Live Wallpapers.

ADB now enabled at boot
Fixed Superuser FC issues.

Initial Port
Now available at AndroidSpin!

BASE: Original Phone: Legend
BASE: Original Company: HTC
SYS: Camera Still: Y
SYS: Android Market: Y
SYS: Lock Screen: Y
SYS: Dialer: Y
SYS: Bluetooth: Y
SYS: Orientation: Y
SYS: HTC Framework: Y
SYS: Interface: SenseUI
SYS: Wifi: Y
SYS: Camera Video: Y
SYNC: Google Sync: Y
SYNC: Exchange ActiveSync: Y
SYNC: Exchange Email: Y
SYNC: Desktop Outlook: Y
IM: Yahoo: N
IM: Gtalk: Y
INPUT: Virtual Keyboard: AOSP, HTC, Swype
INPUT: Chinese Input: N
MOD: Multi Touch: Y
MOD: Apps 2 SD: Yes
MOD: Tethering / Netfiler: Y
MOD: BusyBox: Y
MOD: Superuser: Y
APPS: MyFaves: N
APPS: Flash Support: Y
APPS: Browser: Legend Multitouch
APPS: Music Player: S
APPS: Twitter: Y
APPS: MySpace: N
APPS: YouTube: Y
APPS: Amazon MP3: N
APPS: Messaging (text): Y
APPS: Facebook: Y

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