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    AndroidSPIN Release Information for Legendroid 1.0.1 Final, Legend 2.1 Port

    Legendroid 1.0.1 Final, Legend 2.1 Port
    By: RaiderX303
    ROM Homepage
    [ Release notes / Info ]
    Released: 4/4/2010
    Views: 248
    Supported Devices: - HTC Hero (GSM): G2 Touch
    Downloaded 340 Times
    Downloads: Download

    This rom is a port of the WWE Legend RUU, Everything in the rom works as expected.

    If you like my work, please donate so i can buy a hero for dev use

    - v1.0.1 [ DOWNLOAD ]

    Fixed bad graphics performance in some games.

    - v1.0 [ DOWNLOAD ]

    Fixed rosie graphics glitches
    Fixed GPS - Needs more testing for full confirmation.
    Readded GPS
    Removed Facebook app
    Fixed flashing trackball

    - v1.0 Beta 2 [ DOWNLOAD ]

    Rosie is now faster but includes a couple of graphical glitches.
    Fixed Market
    Cleaned up System

    - v1.0 Beta (Initial Release) - [ DOWNLOAD ]

    What works;
    All Hardware, Wifi, BT, Sensors, Etc...
    3D Acceleration
    Video Playback including YouTube
    Full Google Sync and Market

    Known Issues;
    May have to manually add APN

    Whats Done;
    Optimized APKs
    Added A2SD - ext2 + 3 only
    Added Root + SuperUser.apk

    Thanks to behnaam, nprussell, maxisma and all the other devs who have inspired me to do this work.