AndroidSPIN Release Information for Aloysius 2.0 PORT V4.1

Aloysius 2.0 PORT V4.1
By: Spencer_Moore
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Released: 4/17/2010
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Supported Devices: - HTC Droid Eris
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This is a straight port of a rom built today by Konikub found here

I did no real work besides porting the rom for our devices and getting the softtkeys to work.

I take no credit it for this and I thank


for dealing with my stupidity and helping me fix the only issue with the port I had. Post all bugs here or PM me same diff. I know Sprint TV is still in their I forgot to take it out. Later releases will not contain it but initial will. Sorry for this.

First boot takes FOREVER and will not take you through setup. After it all boots up you go into setting to put in account(s) once these are all done I recommend pulling the battery and then starting up again and then it should be good as new.

Also Eris parts came from Ivan latest .80T I think it`s called.

without further ado it`s in my directory! no more confusions and this is deffinately the right rom regardless of size

Disclaimer: I am not responsible if your phone explodes and don`t forget to do a NAND backup!!

V2: Wifi fix

V3: Rotation fix and I think soft keys now light up!

V4: Port of new version by Konikub, Hopefully it addresses most if not all previous issues I havent been running it long, but it seems to be working pretty well.

V4.1 More of a facelift. Wipe neccesary (Sorry guys) . It removes LWP and OpenGl in favor of Nav. If i did this right it should fix that issue. Also includes a special treat recommended to me by a someone in the IRC whose name I forgot (sorry), but really is very cool. As always new bugs don`t forget to post em. Since it`s not defaulted HTC keyboard is available in this rom!

NOTE: Only use the roms from grdlock`s website. No rapidshare, sendspace, multipupload unless it is in this post!