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Evil Eris v1.1
By: Framework43
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[ Release notes / Info ]
Released: 3/29/2010
Supported Devices: - HTC Droid Eris
Downloaded 32 Times
Downloads: Eris Based ROM
Legend Based ROM

If you appreciate this, PLEASE
v1.2 will be coming sooner than you think, Its already in the making, and its amazing so far. It could possibly be the fastest 2.1 Sense UI rom you`ve ever tried! AND YES, YOU NEED TO WIPE IF YOU`RE ON v1.0 :P


Eris-Based Rom Download Here

Legend-Based Rom[BETA] Download Here
Yes, Ev=3G :P

(I highly recommend downloading off Megaupload, Don`t ask me, but its just always super fast for me )

Eris-based Rom is for everyday use , very fast & stable.
Legend-based has all the new features from the Legend including Friendstream and is a very stable and solid build, but remember, its a BETA.
(In the legend based rom, once you`re at the homescreen,squeeze the screen into leap to get rid of "Save Scene")
The newer features included in the Legend rom:
VERY MUCH improved copy & paste
Newer icons
Updated HTC Implementations


1) Load to the root of your sdcard.
2) Make sure your phone is off, and Hold Power + VOLUME UP
3) Press "wipe" and press "wipe/factory reset" after that, press VOLUME DOWN
4) Press Load .zip from sdcard
5) Select
6) Allow it to install by confirming (Press Trackball)
7) After Installation, allow up to 7 minutes for boot

PLEASE GO TO THE WEATHER APP, Press Menu,Go to settings, and set Temperature scale from Celsius to Fahrenheit

On the Legend Based rom, go to settings and edit the Time to remove 24 hour format if its uncomfortable for you.


Want the Vanilla Android Keyboard instead? EASY! Flash this after Rom Installation:

To install, long press any box you can write text in, press Input Method, and select Android Keyboard.
Go to Settings>Language & Keyboard>Android Keyboard and press Vibrate on press

Want Wifi Tethering?
aNetShare or Wireless Tether HTC 1.70 Pre2
(Both work and its up to the user as to what they want to use, A lot of people tell me they perfer aNetShare though.)

Big fan of Sense-Able by Jamezelle but want to use the Legend rom?
Now you can! (Thank you James for porting it :P)
^ To install this, please flash this .zip AFTER you have flashed the Legend-based rom, No wipe needed.
Evil Eris v1.1 (ERIS BASED)
Runs Faster/Smoother now!
Runs on newer kernel (2.1 "OTA" Leak from 3/24/2010)
Audio Volumes fixed!
Dialer Lag fixed!
Removed Bloatware.
Removed GSM Stuff(NOT NEEDED)
Navigation "should" be working
Removed Extra Languages ( English + Spanish are only options now)
No Random Crashing/Rebooting
Google Maps Fix
Market Fix
*Expect small (non-wipe) updates for speed and tweaks soon*

Known Bugs:
Google Login Error
Very slow sync
Bluetooth problems
Add widgets not downloading

(Legend Based)
Known Bugs:
Power Off Cycle(Battery Pull Needed to Shut off)
No US English ( UK English ) :/

First Release!

Dev comments:
Enjoy the Rom! :P
Working on a new background for Evil Eris because rainbow bubbles arent so evil :P (Photoshop FTW)
Some fixes, and expect some cool things for Evil Eris`s future. I just started a rom thats blazing fast!
Write a post here for feedback and bugs you find!

IF you want the Clock+Weather widget on your home screen, you can get it from Add Widget>HTC Widget>Clock>3rd clock on list(Swipe to the left)

- nprussel for his brilliant VillianROM 3.4 for Hero (Thats what this rom is based off!)
- ivanmmj for your help to the Eris community as a chef
- Zanfur, for always helping EVERYTIME.
- Zifnab,jcase,Jamezelle,nindoja , for your ongoing contributions to the community

-Thanks everyone and I hope you like the Rom.
My next rom planned to be released is a Vanilla android rom that I`m almost done with fixing. Enjoy!

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