AndroidSPIN Release Information for Verizon Droid eris Downgrade w/ ROOT to 1.5 cupcake/sense

Verizon Droid eris Downgrade w/ ROOT to 1.5 cupcake/sense
By: Kaiya215
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Released: 4/17/2010 5:18:30 AM
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Supported Devices: - HTC Droid Eris
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Re-Cooked Jcase(XDA)`s system/img from the amazing

dowgrade kit that he put together

Added Root w/ superuser
Zipaligned to speed up Ram
works awsome 110%... back to stock (mostly) execpt of course having the su level access to ur phone with cupcake1.5/sense phone that we all know too well.

\/just a heads up\/

this will downgrade your radio as well to the Shipped eris Radio firmw.
so if you want a Stock phone with root keeping ota certs so u can get the 2.1update when its pushed

its simple at this point all you need to do is flash the bootloader and recovery from jcase`s downgrade kit package available in XDA`s eris dev. forum.

special thanks to xda kingpins "jcase, dsixda, gridlock, zifnab, framework, kingxkxklick, ivanmj, and toastcfh..

u guys rock and those of u that gave me some helpful feedback in the forums  thanks again.

Happy flashing.