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ZenHero Sprint 2.1 r1
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Released: 4/11/2010 9:09:27 PM
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ZenHero Sprint 2.1 Optimized with Live Sense Wallpapers

Here is an optimized and zipaligned ROM from the Sprint test RUU. It includes a tweaked Rosie with live wallpapers while in the Sense UI home screen thanks to mssmision in the vogue forums for using smali to reverse engineer the Desire Rosie.apk and import the needed changes into the Sprint Rosie.apk. This has all the stock apps plus:

Gallery3D with working rotate and multi-touch
Eclair deskclock
Nexus Live Wallpapers
MagicSmoke Live Wallpapers
Development Tools
Stock Sprint Apps
AOSP Keyboard

You need to be rooted flash via custom recovery. You must wipe/factory reset before flashing this rom and always do a nandroid backup before you start.

This has the stock minfree low memory killer parameters. You can use autokiller or MinFreeManager in the market to set your own parameters. You can also use devtools to limit app processes to 4. This has it`s benefits and drawbacks but keeps the system lean and you get to decided how much you want running in the background.



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