AndroidSPIN Release Information for Mssmison`s sense 2.1 with lwp

Mssmison`s sense 2.1 with lwp
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Released: 4/11/2010 7:21:37 PM
[ Release notes / Info ]

 Okay, a new base build here, I started with the sprint hero dump for CDMA, ported it first to GSM and then to the vogue. Then I figured

out how to get LiveWallPapers working in HTC Sense.

From what I know we`re the first, no one else figured out how to do this yet, unless it`s the Nexus which uses the Desire port as a base.

I`ve shared the files with some old friends Zenulator and Jamezelle who will be releasing builds for their devices as well with this

I also removed the htc ringtones and added assorted ogg ringtones, this helps alot with phone speed. also disable your vibrate for the

phone app.

Install the I recommend system on sd and data on nand for best speed. Wait A LONG TIME for first boot, after you`ve run the

HTC setup and Rosie has loaded the first time reboot and install the androidupdate.tar file.
 It`s still slower than normal builds (heck it is a hero build afterall), and it`s extra slow with a live wallpaper running, I`m working

hard on speeding it up,  Honesty we DON"T have the specs required for this build, but I`m trying :)

 I`ll work on completing a nand install monday or tuesday


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