AndroidSPIN Release Information for Galaxy 1.6 on the Behold 2 r8

Galaxy 1.6 on the Behold 2 r8
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Released: 4/11/2010 11:50:49 AM
[ Release notes / Info ]

IF Touch screen isn`t working on First boot.
Reboot Phone!

Number 1 RULE when Changing Rom`s....
1. FUlly Charge Before doing an ODIN....
2. Let It Fully Die and Power Off & Charge Full while Off..
3. Doing the above will Show major Improvements!

ODIN Install Download link >
*BH_MAN_DONUT_R8* Change Log*
- Still JC6 Build
- CPU Scalling is now set to 128MHz Min / 528MHz Max
- Sensor Fixed in Some App`s Now. ( North is Now North )
- Screen Freeze after Reset & Fresh Odin is now Fixed
- Includes Updated Kernel w/ adb working( Will / Should Fix all the Root issue`s )
- New Recovery with ADB Access
- New Music Player ( Very Cool imo )
- Whole Build has Been Over Hauled regarding Looks. ( Thanks Darkstar )
- There are still the Typical Bug`s Regarding Sleep issue ( Reboot Phone after charging )
- Ton of App`s Removed
- There likely a Ton`s I`m forgetting... Stayed up all Night Making R8.

ODIN Install Download link >
*BH_MAN_DONUT_R7* Change Log*
- JC6 build
Issue Regarding Sleep Bug..... = Charge Phone While Off for Now... or Reboot After Charging!
- Auto CPU Scaling 245Mhz Min / 528Mhz Max (Not Recommended With SetCPU)
- 1 Time Removal of batterystats.bin at Boot-up after install via
- New Default Home Screen. thx to manup456
- New A2SD Script >
- Must Wipe /system/sd/app-private first due to Permission Before Flashing
- support added via /system/bin
( Attached Below So you can Run your Own Commands )
- Major Clean-up of Left Behind BH2 files
- Gallery FC Issue Fixed ( sd Folder is Automatically Created on sdcard now )
- Safety Net Feature regarding Stale Dalvik-cache / app-private
- ADB PUSH issue`s Fixed
- Permission Fixed ( Shouldn`t Loose Root after Installing App`s )
- Minor Bugs Fixed
- Notification bug Fixed
- Swype FC fixed
- Reboot Fixed inside of ADB
- The Is already installed in R7, but goes into /system/bin & I attached the File for those knowing how to use Commands... Once command is Ran, the Script is Deleted... It`s a Run-once .sh

ODIN Install Download link >
*BH_MAN_DONUT_R6 with Auto a2sd* Change Log*
- Based on JC6 Build Base
- Removed Voice Search ( Not Working Correctly )
- Removed App`s the Can be Download From Market
- Few Random Tweaks
- WiFi sleep issue should be Fixed
- the Text Msg bug is Due to Visual Voice Mail feature!
- Changed the wake dropped on some key mapping`s

ODIN Install Download link >
*BH_MAN_DONUT_R5 with a2sd* Change Log*
- Automatic App`s 2 Sdcard enable if you Have ext2 partition! No swap Needed to work..
- Must have ext 2 Partition on mmcblk0p2
- Same as R4,
- Gallery bug* Must Quickly Select All Pictures to Use.
- USB Debugging must Be Enabled for Root to work!
- No Vibrate
- Voice Search Is Flaky & Don`t work Most time

ODIN Install Download link >
*BH_MAN_DONUT_R4* Change Log*
- Mandatory Update from R3
- Bug Fix Release.
- Mms Fixed
- Permission fixed
- Likely Stuff I forgot.

ODIN Install Download link >
*BH_MAN_DONUT_R3* Change Log*
- Bug Fix Release.
- Replaced Mms with Handcents
- Removed Automatic TaskKiller
- Fixed Build.prop.... If it`s Not there in Market... Then it`s Not Supported on 1.6!
- Show`s as a Behold II now.
- ADB Push should now work..
- Likely Stuff I forgot.

ODIN Install Download link >
*BH_MAN_DONUT_R2* Change Log*
- JC5 Base Build!
- Few Lib``s Fixed
- Few Bug`s Fixed in system
- Updated Mms.apk
- Gallery Bug! ( You Must Tap on All Pictures to view w/o FC )
- Battery Status Fixed
- Voice Search ( Not work yet )
- Sound Recorder
- Voice Dialer
- Battery Left
- Astro
- Automatic Task Killer
- Desktop Clock
- Titanium Backup
* Root *
To gain Root.... In terminal app or in Adb shell
Type SU then enter...

ODIN Install Download link >
*BH_MAN_DONUT_R1* Change Log*
- Camera working
- Camcorder working
- Second Boot Screen Changed. ( Work of
ChrisSoyars )
- Permission Fixed on Bin
- Fixed Cache in ODIN
- Fixed Userdata in ODIN
- Recovery No longer Hang`s after Odin Flash
- Few Lib`s Changed
- Few Bin`s Changed
- No Vibrate

ODIN Install Download link >
*1.6 Beta Change Log*
- New 2.6.29 Kernel
- Radio & Data Working
- Wifi Working
- Bluetooth Working
- Pre installed Busybox
- Working Speaker Phone
- Root for App`s
- Root
- 90 Ringtones
- 45 Notifications
- 13 Alarms
- US by Default
- New`s & weather ( None Paid )
- Better Terminal ( Old Free Edition )
* Not working

A2SD How-to
YouTube - How to Partition SD Card for Android

How-To Install With ODIN!

Originally Posted by tritran18518
1. download odin here Odin Multi Downloader v4.03.exe
2. download any Of BH_MAN ODIN Ready Rom`s
3. download winrar ( google it) to extract the BH_MAN zip file.
4. follow these instruction

1. Unzip the zip file.
2. Open Up ODIN Multi Downloader
3. Click the OPS button and choose Behold2_partition.ops
4. Click the PDA button and choose the md5 file, You will get error message" invalid image...," but ignore it.
5. Turn off Phone.
6. Plug phone into USB.
7. Put phone in download mode (Vol Down + OK + END Button)
8. Wait till detected and press START.
9. Enjoy the Port.
p/s: picture


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