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NonSense Cupcake Revolution
By: domenukk

[ Release notes / Info ]
Released: 4/9/2010
Supported Devices: - HTC Dream (32b): T-Mobile G1 / HTC ADP1
- HTC Magic (32b): MyTouch3G Original / Google ION
Downloaded 2242 Times
Downloads: Download NonSense Cupcake Rom Now :)

This is a Cupcake release by me.

It is Based on Vodafone HTC Release from February 2010.
I Did this, because I never came across such a beautiful yet speedy rom...
May even be faster than Blue Magic!

Don`t flash this if:

  • You always need the latest Apps... They will probably not work.

Flash this if:

  • You want a decent Phone with the best Dialer currently avaliable (HTC Dialer)
  • Dialer that is just there as soon as you hit the Phone button (<1 Second)
  • You want to Sync your phone with Outlook
  • More Camera Settings, like whitebalance etc.
  • Fast and smooth menus and transitions
  • Speed for Games. Most of the games, like polarbit 3d Games are still built for 1.5... Also Gameboy emulator and AndWobble. Check theese out :P (If it runs on Hero, it runs on this rom also.)
  • You miss the Cool rotations from Cupcake (enable via Spareparts)
  • You want the best and most responsive Keyboard
  • Cool Android Style Phone. (Stock HTC Style. Legend theme may be released later)
  • You want a custom Animated bootscreen. Not all Hero Bootscreens will work... Just Play with it.
  • You want some Eye-Candie
  • You want an Awsome Phone, no questions Asked.

Featured in this release:

  • Advanced Launcher from Irrenhaus (more options) or HTC Launcer (fast)
  • 3D Games run fast.(!)
  • Many Languages. Also Chineese and Japaneese...
  • The fastest (and probably last non-SenseUI) Cupcake ROM ever
  • Cyanogen BFS Kernel
  • Merged a lot of Cyans Stuff into this
  • Fixed Accelerometer, Wifi and any other Issues I came across.
  • Apps2SD on G1 Only
  • Loccy`s Better Browser
  • Meltus Louder Volume Hack
  • Superfast with a bit of swap (swaps automatically)
  • Also superfast without swap...
  • Massive APN list (hope it works)
  • Auto Clear Cache on boot (thanks to Android app critic)
  • Automatically adjusts Android internal app Killer if Swap is enabled on Boot
  • All the Important Sense widgets as alternative Android Apps.
  • HTC Dialer
  • HTC Camera
  • HTC SYNC to sync your Phone with Outlook (Exchange)
  • AWSOME HTC IME NOT FOUND ON ANY OTHER ROM. superresponsive and sexy.
  • Multitouch in Browser
  • Genie Widget
  • Lots of usefull apps
  • Other HTC enhancements, like that the last option when pressing "volume down" is vibrate, not everything off. (that one bothered me before)
  • HTC Design enhancements (like animated boot screen, Pin pad, lock screen, wallpapers and the "H" icon for hsdpa)


The apps are the following:

  • ³ Music Player beta (The latest RockOn)
  • Astrid (ToDo list)
  • Better Terminal Free
  • Bluetooth thingi to transfer data
  • Loccis Better Browser
  • Advanced Launcher
  • ColorNote (Take notes and place them on homescreen)
  • ES File Explorer
  • Facebook
  • Floating Image
  • News and Weather (Genie Widget)
  • PDF viewer
  • SetCPU
  • Teeter (Game from HTC)
  • Touch Timer
  • Twidgit lite (Twitter widget)



Wipe + Flash. then have fun
G1 users will need DangerSPL. (Magic users not.)

MyTouch3g: fat32[+swap]
G1: fat32[+ext[+swap]]



  • For G1 Users: Despite of the name, EXT2 is the fastest File system for apps2SD.
  • To increase Battery life dramatically, go to setcpu > Profiles >check "profiles on" Modify to Max 128 MHZ & Min 128 MHZ & CPU Goveror "Performance"
  • To get a vanilla (HTC) Cupcake, wipe directly after flash. all additional apps, exept for better browser will be removed. (You can allways uninstall them later.)
  • Be shure to check out the HTC Sync tool. You can download it on (or via google lol. Its the same as the one for hero)


Issues: For some odd reason Compcache won`t activate. Insmod hates me. Apprechiate any help. (Won`t affect the build in any way, but I would like to play around with compcache...)

P.S.: would also be grateful if anybody could help me with theming. was very close to a HTC legend style Build (Black and Green version), but then I messed it up and stopped working on it :P


All Credits go to:

Cyanogen, HTC, Vodafone, jcarrz1 and all the authors of the featured apps.




BASE: Original Phone: Vodafone Magic
BASE: Original Company: Vodafone
BASE: SPL Required: Yes. Big one.
SYS: Camera Still: E
SYS: Android Market: Y
SYS: Lock Screen: Y
SYS: Dialer: E
SYS: Bluetooth: Y
SYS: Orientation on Home: Y
SYS: Orientation: Y
SYS: HTC Framework: Y
SYS: Locales: All that are Avaliable
SYS: Wifi: Y
SYS: Radio Required: Latest is Gratest
SYS: Camera Video: E
SYS: Baseband Version: 62.50SC.20.17U_2.22.23.02
SYS: Kernel Version: ([email protected])
SYNC: Google Sync: Y
SYNC: Exchange ActiveSync: Y
SYNC: Exchange Email: Y
SYNC: Desktop Outlook: Y
IM: Yahoo: Y
IM: Gtalk: Y
INPUT: Virtual Keyboard: Clear HTC IME. (!= normal HTC IME)
MOD: Multi Touch: Y
MOD: Apps 2 SD: Automatic on G1, Disabled on MT3G
MOD: Tethering / Netfiler: Y
MOD: Themed in ROM: No
MOD: Number of Home Screens: 10 Max. (3 on HTC Launcher)
MOD: BusyBox: Y
MOD: Increased Ringer Volume: Y
MOD: Superuser: Y
APPS: MyFaves: N
APPS: Flash Support: N
APPS: Browser: Loccy
APPS: Other Applications: Yes. Tons of
APPS: Music Player: S
APPS: Twitter: Y
APPS: MySpace: N
APPS: YouTube: Y
APPS: Amazon MP3: N
APPS: Enhanced Settings: N
APPS: Terminal Emulator: Y
APPS: PDF Viewer: Y
APPS: Messaging (text): Y
APPS: Facebook: Y

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