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Blue Magic v1.6
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Released: 3/5/2010 2:20:21 PM
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This is my personal Rom, made by me for me... But I think you might be interested.
At the moment there is nothing that`s faster than SuperCSDIv4. Pure speed...
And the theme in use looks supersweet...
Well... Give it a try. It`s nice to play around with this while waiting for a Legend dump


- Donut Rom
- Heavily Based on SuperCSDIv4.
- Fastest Rom!... Wreally FAST!
- 3D-Gaming Beast (on par with HTC 1.5 Roms, double the speed of superD w/o ramhack)
- ConMT - Multitouch included (in Gallery etc.)
- Awsome Bluest Day Theme from CaNaRi0N
- Merged "Elegance" theme in. (Like the launcher and caller)
- Font from enoidstar Theme
- Louder Volume Hack + Headset Boost from Meltus (will add EQ in future release)
- Spare parts (activate the option from Home app)
- Astro instead of Estrong
- SetCPU
- Removed SupSettings and other stuff
- Droidswap.
- Dolphin Browser (Better than Stock!)
- Hero Clock Widget
- Droid Clock Widget
- Some SuperD and Mytouch Fender parts mixed in
- Google Maps 4.0 (+navi) from brut
- Bluetooth File Transfer
- HTC Music app
- Some more Eye-Candy
- Some apps I would use
- 2.7 wysie Contacts
- Sound Recorder
- News & Weather
- USB tether
- Apn Settings included
- Apps2SD on Dream/G1 (not on sapphire) (took it from SuperD)
- Added JIT Dalvik and removed it again. No speed increase yet more force closes.
- Did I mention it`s superfast?

-Check out the Additional Downloads!


- Wipe recommend. Also it might work without...
- You might want to add some 32MB/64Mb of swap. If you don`t know how to add a swap partition, you can use preinstalled SwapDroid instead. You Won`t need a partition for that - it creates a swap file.
(I recommend a swap partition nevertheless. You can leave swap enabled when connected to a PC + its faster)
- StockSPL on the G1? I`d rather go with DangerSPL.
On 32b Magic/Mytouch3g you don`t have to flash a different SPL.
- Flash it and enjoy.
- (And you might have to reboot it to run properly... Or it will never run properly.)
- As any other dev, i`m not to blame in case of termonucular war...
- If you want to safe energy, go to SetCPU and do something like 128 to 528 Mhz + Advanced: Up Threshold about 55% + Set on Boot. Also Set Sleep/Standby profile to 128 to 245 Mhz
+ If you don`t work with you`re phone, you can disable swap partition. It will kill background processes and keep SD card usage low.
- Else: 528 to 528 + Governor to performance :P


- Phone will Reboot once after Installation (!) [It`s not looping(!)]
+ Takes some minutes for 1st boot.
- When everything is set up, it doesn`t hurt to reboot. (I don`t but it might help for them force closes)

ALL Credits go to: (ALL. Didn`t compile a single bit for this.)

- [email protected] for the epic superCSDIv4
- dadme for posting SuperCSDI here at xda-developers
- CaNaRi0N for his awsome Theme
- cacheinjection for the themed launcher (Taken from Elegance Theme)
- Mgeek for the awsome Browser
- jcarrz1 for the release of the Fender Rom
- Cyanogen for his oeuvre
- WesGarner for the zipAlign script (I know most Apps come zipaligned, but you never know...)
- benbuchar for SuperD
- HtcClay for pointing me to the HTC Music App
- Michael Huang for SetCPU (Consider downloading donate version from market if you like it.)
- Any other dev that has devved something in here (@ google etc.)
- Meltus for his louder Volume Hack
- All Devs that helped with AOSP
- Brut.all for his Google Maps.
- Stericson for his Autosign Batch script
- (lol)
- All the defs that are still working on Roms for 1st Gen Devices
- All the defs that made me what I am today: a flash-a-holic
- Everybody who likes to be acknoledged


- Add Wallpaper to Wallpaper gallery (it`s in framework-res.apk in system/framework.)
- Add Swype
- Make Notification Bar Slider go to the very bottom of the Screen
- Add Meltus` Equalizer (wanted to include in 1.6 but forgot...)

- Get Compcache to work.


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