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HTCClay`s FastTest v3.1.1
By: htcclay
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Released: 4/13/2010
Supported Devices: - HTC Dream (32b): T-Mobile G1 / HTC ADP1
- HTC Magic (32b): MyTouch3G Original / Google ION
Downloaded 5637 Times
Downloads: RAMHack Version
Non RAMHack

FASTTEST by htcclay
FastTest 3.1.1 RamHack [4/13/2010]
  • Themed most all apps with X10 icons and colors.
  • Added Eliot Stocker`s New music apk with new 4x4 widget with art work on widget.
That`s mostly it... just cleaned up some other stuff. A lot of details added.

FastTest 3.1 RamHack [4/04/2010]

I am proud to announce the release of HTCClay`s newest addition to his popular FastTest series, version 3.1-RH.

I had a quick talk with clay about this build, details below
  • Custom themed & BlackBar (By HTCClay, of course )
  • Based off SuperD 1.10.2 (including the kernel)
  • Includes 180 degree orientation hack
  • Uses new "legal" file flashing scheme (similar to CyanogenMod and SuperD) - MUST flash over FT 3.0.2
  • Includes themed @anderwebs`s Launcher2 port
  • Only available in RHack - this should be obvious from the title, but

Thanks to for HTCClay for putting in the work to put together these great releases!
Thanks to AndroidSpin for the hosting this ROM, and providing the bandwidth!


3.0.3 RamHack
A Few tweeks and AnderWeb`s Latest Nexus style Launcher
__________________________________________________ _____________________________________________

FastTest v3.0.2 (Stable) I hope...
*Fixed FC in setup wizard...Can now skip past setup!
*Hopefully fixed FC is music app.
Added and have fine tuned AnderWeb`s very nice Nexus-Beta Launcher2 with screen preview
Added News and Weather widget
Added Work Email
Added Email
New boot screen animation...

FastTest v3.0.2 (W/RamHack) Link:[/B]

As always....
If you`re having any issues...wipe.
Also, please don`t post issues unless you have a logcat!
I am not responsible if you brick your phone or use it so much after a successful update
it stops from over use...anywho
If It`s not my fault

Sorry for all the issues with v2.9...
Went back to Super D base.
3.0 is stable and stupid fast!
I recommend a wipe if coming from 2.9...


- G1/MT3G. Haykuro spl needed for G1
- wipe needed <= 2.7
- no wipe 2.8
- >=2.9 wipe

MD5 ffcdc3d7188bf8b5a1d7c675fbd494eb

ROM: Htcclay FastTest v2.9

Swap: 64mb
Ext2: 512mb
Faxt32: remaining

Upgrade Ext2 to Ext3

Wipe Data
Wipe Cache
Wipe Dalivk-Cache

Flash Update image


First Boot Time: 3:04
G1 Logo: 1:04
Android Logo: 3:04

What you get / what you need

- a rom similar to Super D with a few graphic & tech tweaks.
- 1.6 build with bit of eclair
- ramhack
- works on G1/MT3G. Haykuro spl needed for G1
- wipe needed < 2.7
- no wipe 2.8
- 2.9 wipe

Fastest 2.9 RAM Hack [ Download ]
Fastest 2.9 NO RAM Hack [ Download ]

Fasttest 2.8 No Ram Hack (aka Gamer Edition)

FastTest 2.8 Lite (wth google voice fixed)

Originally Posted by draco007
FastTest 2.8 is out, no wipe

MD5 cc7eb5d29f7e12032878593af0af9f57

older Versions / Other goodies

Originally Posted by dangambino
This is a link to HTCCLAY ROM DIRECTORY. I`d like to share this gateway to the HTCCLAY GOODNESS!!! Hope this ok CLAY? If not, I apologize. Thanks for all your contributions

The plus (did not try all of the below, just dug them from this thread. Up to you to try or not):

- advanced launcher themed as original FastTest. Thanks to alongenemylines

- remove the ram hack. Thanks to domenukk

- Jiit Hack. From this thread. thx to domenukk, aaraya1516, licknuts

or here:

or here
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