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By: Manup456
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Released: 3/3/2010 4:20:15 PM
Supported Devices: - HTC Nexus One: Google Nexus One
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Well I was not going to start a thread but I did a bunch of stuff and thought it was needed. First its based off of alpha8 modacos roms,now I did a few edits and added a few apps and graphics how I like. This rom is using apps2sd and swap but if you don`t like swap run without. Once I get a dump I will really be able to pump goods out so give me time.

Thanks to all the devs working on nexus and that have been active since day one. Plz dont make me put full names its to many and you know who you are you need help in money or modding just ask. Main credit goes to Modaco for porting the rom.

NOTE: To install ext3 is needed and a swap of either 34 or 64 is needed. I use 34 my self,now put the .zip on root of s.d and wipe all,then you can flash away. I would also use Amons new 1.6.0 recovery,just makes wiping and creating ext`s easier.

Thanks to Paul aka Modaco here is his original thread also you can follow him on twitter.

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