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MoDaCo Desire ROM with HTC Sense Alpha 17
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Released: 3/19/2010 3:55:43 PM
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No, really, read it all. There`s important information in here, honest!

Edit: Desire to Nexus One port status update - read

What is it?

As you all know, HTC have announced the `HTC Desire`, which is effectively HTC`s version of the Nexus One. It shares a lot of the same hardware, but features cool stuff like HTC Sense and other cool apps (such as a camera app with face recognition, touch focus etc. etc.). The product is due to launch soon, which means ROMs have started to leak. This Alpha release is one such leak.

Alpha? That sounds scary?

Yeah, this isn`t even Beta. There`s a good chance you won`t want to use this as your main ROM, but you might like to check out what`s coming down the road.

So what works?

Almost everything - it`s quicker to talk about what doesn`t work. Aside from the FM radio, there appear to be no hardware incompatibilities that will cause a problem between the two devices. Even the noise cancelling microphone is functional in this ROM. The only problems with the ROM are related to the fact that HTC are yet to release the Desire kernel source, and there`s a lot of changes in there. For the latest known issues status, please see the post below.

Tell me about partitions!

The Desire has a different partition layout to the Nexus One, which means some stuff had to be moved from /system to /data. No biggie, and with each Alpha release i`m optimising further to improve the situation. Be aware that this means you must wipe BEFORE installing the ROM and NOT AFTER, or it won`t boot. A wipe is strongly recommended before trying this ROM - and remember to nandroid backup first!

What else are you working on for the ROM?

I have deliberately left this ROM un-odex`d, as I know other ROM developers will like to have a play with it (remember to credit your source guys!). Going forward, odex`ing the ROM makes a lot of sense to save space, although it`s less of an issue now I have moved the dalvik-cache to the cache partition (as in cyanogen`s ROM).

What kernel are you using? Any other tweaks worth knowing about?

The ROM has the usual MCR tweaks (tun.ko, openvpn, busybox, dropbear etc.) and is running a custom kernel by teknologist and myself based on the stock .33 source (check the changelog below for more details). Himem is enabled. The kernel runs at standard clock speeds, uniquely only using undervolt at the lowest clock speeds.

This is great - how can we say thanks?

You can express your appreciation by signing up to a MoDaCo Ad Free or MoDaCo Plus Account using PayPal or Google Checkout, as detailed in this post on MoDaCo. As well as donating to support the work that goes into all the various MoDaCo activites, you get cool stuff like free software (there`s some great Android stuff coming too!), and ad free MoDaCo site and of course access to the MoDaCo Online Kitchen. All signups are very much appreciated.

Alright, i`ve read enough, gimme the downloads!

One download, update zip format, apply via Amon_RA`s excellent recovery image, remember to Nandroid backup first. You probably won`t want to use this as your production ROM yet!


These links use referrer checking to prevent bandwidth theft - if you get redirected to the MoDaCo homepage, try `right click save as`, another browser, or disabling noscript / ad blocking

An online kitchen is AVAILABLE NOW in this post for MoDaCo premium members, which includes all the usual MCR goodies. Rather than uploading the whole ROM every time I tweak it, I may also roll out test fixes through the kitchen before pushing them to the main zip (it`s MUCH easier and MUCH quicker with my slow upstream connection). Note that if you install the standard ROM, you don`t need to wipe to switch to a kitchen ROM (and between kitchen ROMs!)

One more thing?

To finish i`d like to say `enjoy playing with the ROM`, thanks for your support and here`s looking forward to the final Desire release (after a few more Betas) on our beloved Nexus Ones!


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