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KiNgxKxlicK AOSP 2.1 v1.7.1
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Released: 3/5/2010
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1.7.1 Update 1.7.1 Update Mirror 1.7 Base

I am wanting to start saving again for the next great device, and while I am not expecting anyone to buy me the phone completely, ANY help is GREATLY appreciated

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Ok guys, as I promised you, my 2.1 AOSP ROM is here. A lot of work went into this. still has some bugs, but is very stable, stable enough for everyday use. Anyway, follow the instructions as usual and I know you will enjoy this little gem. I want to take a minute to give a shoutout to SHAFTY023. His vast knowledge of java and coding has been the "cleaner upper" of this build.

Now, let`s enjoy!

Release Name: KiNgxKxlicK AOSP 2.1

Release Version: 1.7.1

MD5 Sum: d97e1285403e4ed18acb8871f831ce8a

Credits: Cyanogen, CCyrowski, Haykuro, MoDaCo, Stericson, JAC, Eugene373, miketaylor00, Jubeh, Twisted, Fictionless, Shafty, any other dev I forgot to mention, and most importantly, my patient lady for putting up with ma devin`

Base Firmware: 2.1

Radio Required: Any

SPL Required: Danger SPL

Partition Layout: Fat 32--EXT 1/2/3/4--Linux-Swap

Wipe Required: Full Wipe

Special instructions: If you decide to use Swap I use a 96MB swap partition and it flies.

Download: Latest Version 1.7.1

No-wipe update kernels: 32a users flash this | No Ram Hack G1/MT3G

Older Versions: Latest Version 1.7 Version 1.6.1 Version 1.5 Version 1.4 Version 1.3 Version 1.2 Version 1.1 Version 1.0

Just like any other dev, I am not responsible to whatever happens to your phone *surprise*


"I live to DEV another DAY" -My quote

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