AndroidSPIN Release Information for Eclair AME [Android 2.1] MADE BY ME [Only For New Radio]

Eclair AME [Android 2.1] MADE BY ME [Only For New Radio]
By: ahmgsk
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Released: 2/20/2010 4:29:52 PM
Supported Devices: - HTC Magic (32a): MyTouch3G Fender/Vodafone Magic
Downloaded 915 Times
Downloads: AME v1.1

Its Is My 1st Rom

Hope U all Like it


For now its just For Sapphire 32A (htc magic) New radio

More thing will be edited later

BASE: Description: Eclair 2.1
BASE: Original Phone: Nexus One
BASE: Original Company: Htc
BASE: SPL Required: 1.76.2007
SYS: Camera Still: Y
SYS: Android Market: Y
SYS: Lock Screen: Y
SYS: Bluetooth: N
SYS: Orientation on Home: N
SYS: Orientation: N
SYS: HTC Framework: N
SYS: Interface: Basic Eclair
SYS: Wifi: Y
SYS: Camera Video: Y
SYNC: Google Sync: Y
SYNC: Exchange Email: Y
IM: Gtalk: Y
INPUT: Virtual Keyboard: Latin Ime
MOD: Multi Touch: Y
MOD: Apps 2 SD: Optional
MOD: Tethering / Netfiler: Y
MOD: Number of Home Screens: 5
MOD: BusyBox: Y
MOD: Superuser: Y
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