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Complete Eclair v1.2
Downloads: 1029
Released: 2/16/2010
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My first ROM release ever!Ive been studying a lot of ROMS lately,especially 2.1 so I decided to release my own.Every things working properly except a few minor issues that Im working on fixing for the next version.Ive been tweaking it and running it on my G1 for a couple of days now and its extremely fast for a first release,so I hope you guys enjoy!

*My goal for this ROM is to import everything from the actual AOSP 2.1 for G1 and MT3G and keep things running nice and smooth.I take my ROMS very seriously and Im working step by step and day by day to bring you the best.So be patient!It will get better with every update!*

Channel Log

- Added Black Themed Version
- Fixed Car Home
- Fixed Alarm Clock
- Updated To Google Maps 4.0.0
- Updated To Wireless Tether 2.0_pre4
- Updated To Astro File Manager 2.2.4
- Compcache & Swap via Spare Parts(Now Including Size!)
- GPS Bug Fixed
- Multiple Bug Fixes


- Fixed Google Sync
- Added Astro File Manager
- Speed Tweak
- Multiple Bug Tweaks


- AOSP 2.1 Eclair
- Launcher 2
- 5 Screen Launcher
- Nexus One Voice Input
- All Live Wallpapers
- Wifi
- Bluetooth
- Camera
- MultiTouch
- Compcache via SpareParts
- Swap via SpareParts
- TweetCaster
- Wireless and Wired Tether
- King Kernel #5
- 10MB RAM Hack


- Full Wipe

Partition Layout
- Fat 32
- Ext 1-4
- Linux-Swap

- G1
- MyTouch 3G

- Video
- Google Sync


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