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OpenEclair v1.3.0.1
By: OpenTeam
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Released: 4/3/2010
Supported Devices: - HTC Dream (32b): T-Mobile G1 / HTC ADP1
- HTC Magic (32b): MyTouch3G Original / Google ION
Downloaded 37777 Times
Downloads: OpenEclair v1.3.0.1 - Main Version (RHack, No 3D)
OpenEclair v1.3.0.1 - Incremental Kernel (No RHack, 3D Enabled)
OpenEclair v1.3.0.1 - Incremental - Original Kernel

OpenEclair is a community ROM based on the AOSP 2.1 source code (with lots of Cyanogen mixed in).

The goal of OpenEclair is to bring to the community a fast and stable Eclair 2.1 ROM, with contributions from numerous ROM developers.



Developer - Wes Garner - Twitter
Developer - ctso - Twitter
Porters - Brian Cook, Piotr Maksymiuk (Movi)

Complete OpenEclair Credits List

Bandwidth - A HUGE thanks to Simon, Allen, and everyone from AndroidSPIN for hosting the ROMs!

- AOSP 2.1r2 Eclair
- Multiple Kernels
- Live Wallpapers
- CompCache/Swap via SpareParts (including size!)
- Swap via SpareParts
- Supports G1/MT3G
- Automatic Apps2SD on G1
- 5 Screen Launcher and Launcher2 from NexusOne
- New Customizable MMS
- WG-Kernel 5 v0.8
There has been more and more work done on OpenEclair even though this release is small, there is much more to come. If you want to donate, please do - that really does give us encouragement to spend so much time on this

Donate to Wes Garner
Donate to Chris Soyars


OpenEclair v1.3.0 Download:
Main Version (32B, RHack, No 3D):
Incremental Kernel (32B, NoRHack, 3D):
--- LWPs break when using 3D kernel, also some other memory issues may occur (such as soft resets when CC/Swap isn`t high enough to compensate for memory leak

Incremental for 32A (RHack, No 3D): [Coming Soon]
Incremental for 32A (NoRHack, 3D): [Coming Soon]

Revert to main kernel (32B, RHack, No 3D):
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We are not responsible for bricking your phone! Also, this is an open source project, but please give credit where it`s due and please do not post our full builds without asking. We would also love to know if anyone is using our ROM on other devices!

BASE: Description: AOSP Eclair 2.1
BASE: SPL Required: Any
SYS: Camera Still: Y
SYS: Android Market: Y
SYS: Lock Screen: Y
SYS: Dialer: Y
SYS: Bluetooth: Y
SYS: Orientation on Home: Y
SYS: Orientation: Y
SYS: HTC Framework: N
SYS: Interface: Eclair
SYS: Build Number: 2.1 r1
SYS: Locales: English UK/US, Spanish, German, French and many more
SYS: Wifi: Y
SYS: Radio Required: Any
SYS: Camera Video: N
SYS: Software Version: 2.1
SYS: Free Memory: Compcache and swap modifiable through Spare parts
SYNC: Google Sync: Y
SYNC: Exchange ActiveSync: N
SYNC: Exchange Email: Y
SYNC: Desktop Outlook: N
IM: Yahoo: N
IM: Gtalk: Y
INPUT: Virtual Keyboard: Google, HTC
INPUT: Chinese Input: N
MOD: Multi Touch: Y
MOD: Apps 2 SD: Automatic on G1, Disabled on MT3G
MOD: Tethering / Netfiler: Y
MOD: Themed in ROM: No
MOD: Number of Home Screens: 5
MOD: BusyBox: Y
MOD: Increased Ringer Volume: Y
MOD: Superuser: Y
APPS: MyFaves: N
APPS: Flash Support: N
APPS: Browser: Standard
APPS: Music Player: Y
APPS: Twitter: N
APPS: MySpace: N
APPS: YouTube: Y
APPS: Amazon MP3: N
APPS: Enhanced Settings: Y
APPS: Terminal Emulator: Y
APPS: PDF Viewer: N
APPS: Messaging (text): Y
APPS: Facebook: Y
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