AndroidSPIN Release Information for Android 2.1 AOSP Eclair v1 "Basic" and v0.1 "Raw Bacon"

Android 2.1 AOSP Eclair v1 "Basic" and v0.1 "Raw Bacon"
Downloads: 757
Released: 1/26/2010 2:46:49 PM
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Android 2.1 AOSP Eclair "Basic" v1 Android 2.1 AOSP Eclair "Raw Bacon" v0.1

Android 2.1 AOSP Eclair "Basic" v1
md5sum: 0addefcdf572f92877a2d2aaad6527b6

Android 2.1 AOSP Eclair "Raw Bacon" v0.1
md5sum: c0aa799e055f326fb52492cdc4c9ece6

These two releases are based on AOSP`s eclair branch which is currently a snapshot of Android 2.1. The goal is to get a build as similar as possible to the Nexus One`s running on Dream hardware.
Build "Basic" is version1, stable, and is considered final until/unless there are 2.0+ compatible video decoding drivers released for the Dream.
Build "Raw Bacon" is version 0.1, a beta, and at the moment is not recommended for daily use. Launcher and Gallery from "Basic" were removed and Launcher2 and Gallery3D were placed instead. All but one of each notification, alarms, and ringtones were also removed from this build compared to "Basic" to allow it to fit on a regular SPL without needing a2sd.

-Fully working Live Wallpapers in both "Basic" and "Raw Bacon"
-Compcache enabled by default. Linux-swap is used instead if there`s a third partition on the sdcard
-Clocked at 528 mHz at all times
-Works on any SPL
-a2sd is not supported, but might be added in the future.
-Support for MT3G in the ramdisk, though it`s not guaranteed, let me know if it works for you
-Five screens on both Launcher and Launcher2
-New Music App from 2.1
-Tether (wired and wireless) support
-Google Voice
-Voice keyboard
-Genie Widget
-Stable, even if it`s a little slow
-Full working Google Sync
-Camera working


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