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KiNgxKxlick Espresso2G1 v1.3
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Released: 2/2/2010
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I am wanting to buy a Nexus, and while I am not expecting anyone to buy me the phone completely, ANY help is GREATLY appreciated 

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Release Name: KiNgxKxlick Espresso2G1 

Release Version: v1.3

MD5 Sum: 07183995560ecf5d1c8eb71c4087dd81

Credits: Cyanogen, CCyrowski, Haykuro, MoDaCo, Stericson, JAC, Eugene373, miketaylor00, Jubeh, Twisted, Fictionless, Shafty, any other dev I forgot to mention, and most importantly, my patient lady for putting up with ma devin` 

Base Firmware: 2.1

Radio Required: Latest Radio

SPL Required: Death SPL

Partition Layout: Fat32--Ext 1/2/3/4--Linux-swap

Wipe Required: Full wipe each flash (unless otherwise stated)

Special instructions: Skip HTCsetupwizard. Instead, open market and login that way. Then, when you see the sync icon, reboot your phone 

Download: Latest Version 1.3

Older Versions: Version 1.2 Version 1.1 Version 0.1 Version 1.0

Just like any other dev, I am not responsible to whatever happens to your phone *surprise* 


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