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Eclair 2.0.1 v1.0
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Released: 12/12/2009 9:05:59 AM
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This ROM is for the G1 / MT3G 32B

Well here is my first rom built off the sdk system.img,well after a week and countless hours with the correct help and guidance from barakinflorida and eugene373 who provided a lot of fixs for me so he gets a special thanks from me so drop a few donations his way. Now this was hard since it was built off of the sdk but it here and works great.

Thanks: Eugene373,Barakinflorida,Mikeytaylor00,Ccyrowski,J ac,OfficalDrizzy,Cyanogen,Haykuro,KingKlixx,Amon_R A,Milgin,maxisma,Twisted etc....all the devs that help and teach what they know and work hard on xda.

NOTE: I am not responsible for any one bricking there phone flashing my rom,noy saying it will.

Check out my Thread for more info and Videos, etc.