AndroidSPIN Release Information for [BETA] Eclr0.2.1b "Bishop"

[BETA] Eclr0.2.1b "Bishop"
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Released: 11/22/2009 11:52:47 AM
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Release 0.2b "Bishop", it`s more trustworthy than Ash but still an ugly old coot.

MD5: 2606f60d040840316686bac58ac1a271

**IMPORTANT: Automatic sync gets stuck in a loop. Contacts and emails will sync on first boot, but for now you`ll have to disable autosync and periodically do it manually to get your emails through. If you can`t tolerate that, DON`T FLASH THIS ROM!**

Sync service seems to trip up over a new sync adapter that wasn`t in 1.6 - "subscribedfeeds -". It will constantly retry this adapter and ignore all others. I`ve messed about with swapping in the subscribedfeeds apk from 1.6, this fixed the problem but caused FCs with the calendar and gapps.. a better solution is needed. 

Manual sync using the dev tools works fine, but it keeps falling back into a loop with this other adapter and I don`t know how to stop it... let`s see if any of you can come up with anything 

Aside from this rather large problem, all google apps are working with no force closes as yet. 

If you have any fixes to submit, please post in the thread at



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