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KiNgxKxKlair Eclair Hero Version 0.6
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Released: 12/9/2009
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KiNgxKxKlair Eclair Hero Version 0.6 "Beta Feta"

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Ok guys, this is a Hero Eclair ROM based off the latest dump straight from HTC in its development stages. Removed watermark myself. All apps and gapps/ widgets will be implemented into this ROM. First release is very beta, just want to give my fans of the latest from HTC. Please read this entire post and changelog

First, take a look at what is broken / not functioning


- Camera
- BT


1. Haykuro`s "death" spl
2. Latest Radio (Both can be found here:
3. 3 Partitions in this order: Fat32, Ext 1/2/3/, Linux-Swap
4. Class 6 sd card (like every other Hero ROM)
5. Cyanogen`s Recovery image 1.3.1+

Be Sure to Skip the HTCsetup Wizard on first boot. Instead, open market and log into Google that way. After everything has synced properly, turn sync off. It may loop so I say turn it off to be safe. That is, until you need to sync! Thanks again for the sync fix Eugene373!

Now that the boring officiality is done, enjoy!

Download KiNgxKxKlair Eclair Hero Version 0.6 Beta Feta

Just like any other dev, I am not responsible to whatever happens to your phone *surprise*

I`d like to give thanks to: Cyanogen, CCyrowski, Haykuro, MoDaCo, Stericson, JAC, miketaylor00, Drizzy, Jubeh, Twisted, Fictionless, Shafty, any other dev I forgot to mention, and most importantly, my patient lady for putting up with ma devin`


"I live to DEV another DAY" -My quote

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