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Dwang Donut v1.17.1
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Released: 12/31/2009
[ Release notes / Info ]

This ROM is completely 1.6 stock (framework, apps, etc) with the exception of the following enhancements:

1. Compcache enabled by default (no backing swap, just straight compcache)
2. Memory hack which gives you 107.5 megs of linux system memory
3. ROM works with both mt3g (32b) and g1 (dream).
4. Root enabled
5. Market should be fully working
6. Busybox
7. Loccy`s enhanced Browser v1.5 with MT
8. Netfilter and iptables modules added to the kernel. Wifi tethering works with both "aNetShare" and "android-wifi-tether" apps.
9. Launcher with 5 screens
10. Apps2SD for G1/Dream users ext2/ext3 fs only [may need to format /system/sd (/dev/block/mmcblk0p2) partition if getting black screen]
11. Work Email App (Exchange Support)
12. support in /sdcard directory
13. All built-in apps optimized with zipalign and optipng
14. Wired usb tethering support. Download this app to enable
15. Deadline IO Scheduler


* Because of the RAM Hack, 3d games will run slow!
* Does not support ext4 partition

HTC Touch Input Keyboard can be downloaded from here:

md5: 9cbbaf206d9e956c21f24f39426e7616

* Kernel
- msm: add memory barriers, cache flush, TLB invalidation (Forgot this patch after rebuilding kernel source)

md5: 9342e7e82e94190fe0fc52990f294dd2

* Kernel (Rebuilt kernel source)
- Wired usb tethering support [credit to Zinx]

md5: ef394ab3cd897f87b007961d9b6409ae

* Kernel
- Switch to deadline IO scheduler: less CPU usage, better multi-tasking, helps with minimizing slowdowns over time. [thanks wes garner]

* Compcache
- Revert set physical and logical block to PAGE_SIZE patch: Was causing random reboots

* Framework
- Revert to android framework from v1.12 (stock 1.6 framework). Consensus is that this is faster than newer versions.

* Custom_init script
- Set fifo_batch param to 1 for deadline I/O scheduler. Higher values not needed for flash drives.


* Kernel Fixes
- msm: add memory barriers, cache flush, TLB invalidation
- net: Fix msg_iovlen in PPPoLAC and PPPoPNS.
- net: Avoid sleep-inside-spinlock in PPPoLAC and PPPoPNS.

* Compcache Fixes
- sync and then reset init flag

* Fix Google Gears in Browser
* Android 2.1 Power Widget Skin from kron2
* Android 2.1 Google News and Weather Widget


MD5: 185F0DD23BF159BE5CE5BD3DE866CE5C
SHA1: 3722344FF71E10EAAF8B3F464F92B62A52363667
CRC32: 14BDC826

* Updated to the latest compcache for more stability
- Fix race between reset_device and ramzswap_make_request
- set RZS_ZERO flag within rzs mutex
- Set physical and logical block to PAGE_SIZE
- Swap free notify ported from compcache v0.6

* Libc, libcutil, libpixelflinger libraries from cyanogen ROM for more speed
* Include Google Maps 3.3.1
* Framework is the same so themes from v1.13 will work


* Fixes for various memory leaks in android framework
* Fixes brightness control leaving keyboard lights on using power control widget
* Include Maps.apk
* Previous themes will break with this new version


* Libc memcpy optimizations from code aurora
* Audio Filters patch for better audio clarity
* Build.prop* patch for google navigation
* Eclair Icons from djengizz/Cyanogen/DBeCe

v1.11 [thanks afive720 for hosting]

* Update build.prop to fix google voice issues [thanks cyanogen]
* Kernel tweaks that improve responsiveness- instantly ramp up to max cpu frequency when an input event occurs. [thanks cy again]


* Updated to latest compcache module
* Fixed caller id issue
* Default keyboard vibrate now works


* Revert back to 2.6.29 donut kernel to fix camera and camcorder problems
* Add back swap_free_notify to compcache to hopefully fix slowdown issues


* Upgrade 2.6.29 kernel to latest version from git repository
* Add back swap_free_notify to compcache to hopefully fix slowdown issues


* Fix voice search crash


* Fix a2sd issues for real this time.
* Push VoiceSearch.apk to /system/app to fix voice search problems.


* Fastest version yet!
* Initial boot may take a while, be patient. If having trouble with apps, may need to wipe
* Optimized Loccy`s browser v1.5
* Revert kernel to v1.3. Seems to be faster.
* Optimized all built-in apps with zipalign and optipng
* Fix a2sd issues, hopefully!
* Add busybox symlinks
* Add support. file should reside in /sdcard since I"m not assuming 2nd partition exists. Compcache won`t be disabled
* Add IM app
* Removed ota update files.


* Update build.prop files to stop ota update. Still may need to download the update to completely stop it.
* Re-compiled kernel and removed all debugging output. Should speed things up a bit.


* Fix G1/Dream hw keyboard layout
* Add libraries needed by e2fsck


* Multi-touch support added to kernel/browser.
* Work Email apk added (Exchange Support)
* Compcache size increased to 32mb
* Apps2SD Support for G1/Dream users. Magic users still the same, no a2sd. [may need to format /system/sd (/dev/block/mmcblk0p2) partition if getting black screen]
* Fix G1/Dream Bluetooth issues.


* Can now be flashed using recovery image. No need for fastboot.
* 5 screen launcher.
* Compcache without swap_free_notify. Its faster.
* Iptables binary so android-wifi-tether app now works.
* Set max_cpu speed to 528mhz.


* Initial release (fastboot only)

If I get a C&D letter, I`m taking it down right away, so download it quickly. :-)

Enjoy, I learned a lot during the process of making this ROM.



I want to acknowledge cyanogen, daproy, cyrowski, loccy, and alla for their contributions to the android community.

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