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Evil Nano Zsense With manup rosie v1.1
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Released: 11/9/2009 1:30:21 PM
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So i got sick of the build i was running based off mligns and decided to checkout evil D`s nano hero.. needless to say the thing was FAST so i decided to add some of my own personal tweaks to it and share with you guys this is Evil D`s latest nano hero with some changes and added apks Nothing really developed here just hero/sense the way i like it

Manups rosie (cuz its freaking sweet) changed
framework-res.apk changed
a bunch of apps (their all free i checked)

Evil Zsense w/manup rosie - i guess im too high

Evil Zsense w/manup rosie (extra apps included on this one) - and lost the i flashed.... so i just did a NAND dump and made an update zip





Evil NanoZsense (with Manup Rosie) 1.1 -

(i will also be uploading it to androidspins servers for bandwith reasons)

Requiredto flash : 
2 partitions Fat32,linux swap (no a2sd guys sorry i dont use it anymore)
Engineering SPL
newest radio
(((32a patches will work on this rom)))

fix boot animation... man why do i always have this problemm... i could care less what i look at while its booting though

Reupload original build due to faulty upload 
Change colors on GoldenArmz lockscreen to be kinda white grey see through rather than black see through 
change notification drop down to match rosie and lockscreen colors
get some of the casper themed hero stuff from twistedumbrella n change the color scheme to a soft white- see through rather than heroish black

i kinda am diggin the feel of the white transparents as opposed to the black ones



Thanks:Evil_D,Ccyrowski,Manup,Jac,Drizzy,Haykuro,E ugene373,and many others


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