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Motorola Sholes Android 2.0 Dream PORT
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Released: 11/9/2009 4:04:45 AM
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*** NO SOUND OR WiFi in this release ***

First thing first THANK YOU and that list will start with JF,Haykuro, Drizzy, twistedumbrella, cyanogen, disconn3ct (who still didn`t give me a Google Wave invite) veke87 RyeBrye akashwani maxisma eugene373 cyrowski shafty023 JAC (who I still don`t know but love his work and learned from it)

I forgot to thank makkaky.. he said that he ported the emulator for those of us who were too lazy to do so... or a least that is how I remember it... I would not have been able to do this much without him... 

If i forgot you ...or someone you can think of... let me know... I learned from all of you and the Android community would not be the same without you guys...

Next I have a working Moto Sholes Android 2.0 Dream Port running on my phone... 
I will do my best to get it posted ASAP

just have to get it off my phone and into a 

Hey droidheads... I have moved on the the Iphone (JK I hate apple) but i did stop all work on sholes and moved on to Droid... and it`s kicking my a$$.

I did what to post my last version on Sholes. This rom is based on the emu-s (credit) and Sholes beta test device... NOT THE DROID... it is very different in software...

I will not support this rom in any way.. but if you have a good question I will try to help... Just don`t keep telling me the sound seems to be bad...

NO WiFi.. NO SOUND NO BT NO THIS THAT AND THE OTHER THING... cm1.4 or better recovery .. danger LPS.. and lots of free time

some google apps work.. not GTALK missing lib Market works and with paid apps (if you pay for them) and it has the nice lockscreen... 

****new faster link (thank`s wisefire)


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