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Hero_Over v1.1r3
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Released: 11/1/2009
[ Release notes / Info ]

This is not a fake rom. I have installed over 5 times to check integrity and make sure i am not releasing bs.

Here is a video for yah:
Thanks Exilim809 for the video

I do not take reponsibility for any bricked devices or super fast heroes

recommended setup:
fat32 partition
500mb ext3 partition
128mb of linux-swap partition

what it is:
sense dump 3.xx
left build.prop so it will say 2.73.xx release keys(keeps native leds)
leds work
optimized expertly by me
took out some useless apps
based off drizzys "2012" (this is 2012 on roids)
linux swap
htcsetup from hero
jubehs optimized htc_ime(no auto correct)
paid apps work(for me atleast)
hacked rosie with originall wallpapas
added a gang of drizzys ringtones(the greatest set ever)
task mngr and setcpu better terminal included
rooted with su
no phone prioritizer(doesnt do jack shit)

transparent lockscreen
fixed market (thanks to maxisma)
couple lil tweaks

more optimization
startup tweaks
fixed music
should have fixed the rare su issue
edited build.prop
paid apps work for T-Mobile US customers

removed teeter
more optmizations( every apk is as fast as it could be) - i need new boot.img`s
even faster setup
(still no auto correct. waiting til auto correct is as usable as what i have) impossible?
overall speedier
removed heroled
removed better terminal(warez)

vMT3G (work in progress!!)
all warez are gonzo
changed boot.img and wlan (thanks cyan)
rotate/wifi/incoming calls work
still working on it
about 90% the speed of r3
experienced one loading screen but not too worried
currently no multitouch

vMT3G.2(Holy Smokes)
reverted to drizzy-barak kernel
made small edits to boot.img for sapphire support (thanks for the tip twisted)
multitouch is back
rotate/wifi/incoming calls still work!!!!
105% speed of r3 (trust me its wicked)
bluetooth turns on (havent tested, waiting on earpiece to charge)

-No bluetooth for g1 yet

-starting work on 1.2 for g1s tomorrow!!!

I`d like to give thanks to: Coolbho3000, Cyanogen, CCyrowski, Haykuro, MoDaCo, Stericson, JAC, miketaylor00, Drizzy, Jubeh, Twisted, Fictionless, Shafty, any other dev I forgot to mention yah i stole from king everybody steals from eachother on this site

king sorry we had our differences. no disrespect. keep up your great work.

Go For IT!!!!!

v1.1r3 for G1 and Mytouch: (no WAREZ)

vMT3G for Mytouch only:

vMT3G.2 for Mytouch only: (The REAL Slick Willy)

Id like to say im sorry to the devs whose work I have used in this rom you guys pave the foundation for all roms and i thank you for that
also sorry for offending anyone especially devs, kingklick, cyrowski, mikeytayler00. I spoke where I shouldnt have.

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