AndroidSPIN Release Information for Akirah Eclair SDK v1.00

Akirah Eclair SDK v1.00
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Released: 10/30/2009 7:17:09 PM
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If someone is too lazy to download SDK and wants to try eclair on G1 here it is. Just quick and dirty hack, and many issues which I`m not going to solve, or even take a look closer.

edit: Ok, I might take a look in my spare time as I truly love eclair features

Radio interface works for both call and data, wifi in theory loads but doesn`t scan and connect. Bt doesn`t work.

If you have exchange account is syncs mail and contacts (just add mail account).

Launcher is slow with scrolling, browser is multitouch with double tap (I really like it, and can`t wait for AOSP eclair!).



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