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You are now in the developer tools area of AndroidSPIN.
If you experience any problems using these tools, please let us know immediately.
If you don't let us know, we can't fix them and make things better for you.
You can email us at

Manage Releases
Create and edit ROM and THEME Releases in the database.
* PLEASE check and update the FEATURES for your release when you
update an existing release or create a new release in the database.

File Manager (Upload with 64MB Limit / Delete Files)
Manage all your files including Create and Delete, folders and files from your developer area.
* Please note that the File Manager has a 64MB upload limit which is part of the PHP configuration and we can't change it.
If you need to upload files larger than 64MB, Then please use our FTP access instead.
If you don't have an FTP account, please request one and we'll get you setup within minutes.

View Current Developers Files
Browse the developer storage area.

Currently you cannot change your password or any of your details.
This functionality will be available soon.

If you have any feedback, please email us at

Thanks for your patience.

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