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Maintains "The Official" T-Mobile and HTC ADP 1.5-CRC1 based ROM`s for the HTC Dream/G1. There are base, full featured and expansion pack options FL, USA

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Enomther`s [ROM] TheOfficial Nexus1 - v1.8.1, Release 1.8.1
ROM Homepage
Downloads: 2173
Released: 3/24/2010
[ Release notes / Info ]
TheOfficial Nexus1 ROM - v1.8.1

Basic ROM Info / Features

Release Name:
Enomther`s [ROM] TheOfficial Nexus1

Release Version:

JF, Cyanogen, Stericson, Haykuro, JAC, ccyrowski, TheDudeOfLife, Soulife, KB7SQI, CodeAurora, Zinx, (harry_m/bbunson/seth), irrenhaus, rogro82, Loccy, cytown, rgv151, Wysie, xenio2000, LucidREM, miketaylor00, Meltus, Moonspoon, Tehseano, Manup456, beagz, sir*mez, Prash, mannyb, RichieDaze, JonnyBeuno, nabzilla1990, all the other theme, app & ROM devs), AndroidSpin (for hosting space and a great ROM DB), .... AND ...... most of all to XDA-developers and the XDA community ... THANK YOU!!!

Base Firmware:

Radio Required:
Any at present.

SPL/Recovery Required:
The SPL that came with your Nexus1 (Unlocked/Rooted)
Amon_RA`s Recovery Image

SDCARD Partition Layout:

Wipe Required:
If coming from ANY other ROM, YES!

Special instructions:
See POST #2 PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


- TheOfficial kernel
--- Stable
--- compiled w/gcc-4.4.0
--- compcache/linuxswap
--- NetFilter - iptables/tethering support (wired/usb & wireless)
--- ext2/3/4, cifs, fuse, aufs2
--- squash, misc-other-fs support
--- ipv6 support
--- tun and ipsec support

- De-ODEX`d apk/framework (for theme-ing and other alterations)

- automatic ext2/3/4 filesystem checking and mounting on startup
--- Apps2SD supported, but not on by default ... use SpareParts app to set it up.

- optional dalvik-cache to /cache - use SpareParts

- Smoother/better autobrightness levels

- custom startup execution (if /data/local/ exists)

- 360 degree rotation (optional)

- FLAC audio support

- clean reboot/shutdown services

- updated apn-list

- dns/resolv.conf

- included binaries
--- linked up busybox
--- telnetd
--- nano
--- dropbear
--- flash_image
--- extXfs tools
--- iptables
--- htop
--- powertop
--- bash
--- various others

- included apps
--- GoogleApps
--- Modded SpareParts (use this to setup most features on TheOfficial)
--- Modded Launcher2 (with options)
--- CyTown`s Phone MOD (optional)
--- Wysie`s Browser MOD (FullScreen/Hidezoom Button options)
--- Wysie`s WyContacts (optional)
--- International character AOSP Keyboard (optional)
--- Android IM App (AIM, MSN, Yahoo support)
--- CorpCal (Exchange Calender support)
--- WifiTether for RootUsers
--- WiredTether for RootUsers (for usb tethering)
--- Development App from AOSP
--- su/Superuser

- included scripts
--- lucid
--- rwsystem/rosystem (to mount readonly/readwrite /system)
--- recboot (to reboot into recovery quickly)


MD5: 0df2f1e2f1b46843a8286b33e5b85421

RADIO UPDATE - (from ERE36b/EPE54b leak)
MD5: 4f680356054673368a69e3050304fe14

RADIO UPDATE - (from ERE27 update)
MD5: 22c415aa1cd68daa0384c042f88cabdb

Original (older) Radio image (from ERD79) in an

IMPORTANT: PLEASE NOTE!!! Make sure when flashing the Radio update that you have plenty of battery charge and do NOT pull the battery under any circumstances while the update is in progress. If you do these (2) simple things, you will be just fine.

Theme Templates - (v1.8.1)

Stock w/Black StatusBar Text

PreThemed w/White StatusBar Text


3/24/2010 - v1.8.1
- added - Community MMS MOD (optional in spareparts)
--- (thx to rgv151/cyan/ruqqq/wesg/chainsdd/others)
- added - StatusBar configuration options in SpareParts
--- battery percentage display in statusbar
--- hide digital clock from the statusbar
--- hide AlarmClock icon when an alarm is set
--- display "H" (instead of 3G) icon for HSPA connection
- added - Wake on Trackball Press (optional in spareparts)
- added - Trackball LED lit while screen is on/active (optional in spareparts)
- added - BigAnalogClock Widget option (in widget listing - normal one is still there)
----- themers take note of big_appwidget_clock_dial.png, big_appwidget_clock_hour.png
-------- & big_appwidget_clock_minute.png in DeskClock.apk for theming the "BigClock"
- added - mod, for Trackball/LED colors (ty Chainsdd/aosp)
- added - LED/Trackball Color configurations in SpareParts
--- AlarmClock
--- EMail
--- MMS
--- Missed Call
--- VoiceMail
- added - Wysie`s UserAgent (w/IE6 option) to Browser
- added - built-in option for hotweiss` Radio SpeedMOD (optional in spareparts)
- added - ability to remove certain built-in System Apps (perform in spareparts)
--- AmazonMP3Store
--- CarHome
--- Corporate Calendar
--- Development Tools
--- Facebook
--- Goggles
--- GoogleVoice
--- IMApp
--- Music (in case you use something else )
------- also, NO this does not have the music app from CM, so don`t ask (maybe nexttime )
--- VoiceDialer
------ these removals will be rememebered through upgrades/updates and theme applications
------ these apps can also be re-installed via download in SpareParts (ty
- added - AT&T firmware binary
- added/fixed - CPU settings now applied live w/out required reboot in spareparts
- added/fixed - SpareParts now auto-rotates
- updated - wifi tether to v2.0pre8
- updated - cytown`s Phone MOD to v.26.1
- fixed - Wifi/Wired tether app installation problems on upgade (they will both appear now )
- fixed - A couple Launcher2 bugs - wallpaper centering bug + appicon-text offset bug

3/9/2010 - v1.7.1
- Updated kernel, to a hybrid kernel (mostly AOSP/KernelOrg + some important cyanogen bits, ty)
--- added in AUFS2 + other misc fs support as well
--- added compcache modules and rzscontrol
--- included all modules in modprobe path
--- highmem is default now and she`s much faster
- added/updated - GAPPS from EPE54b dump
- added - AutoBrightness tweaks (more/smoother brightness levels)
- added - 360 rotation, big-ty @optedoblivion (configure in SpareParts)
- added - My Modified Launcher2 (configure in SpareParts)
--- supports "optional" Auto-Rotation
----- No app-drawer in landscape view (still hashing this out for pretty-ness)
--- supports "optional" Phone/Browser button MOD
----- Tap Phone = Phone, LongPress Phone = Contacts
----- Tap Browser = Browser, LongPress Browser = Send Message
( I will get this up on github soon and likely incorporate some of @ruqqq`s features in the future )
- added - Wysie`s Browser MOD
--- Supports FullScreen Browser and "Hide" Zoom Buttons (configure in Browser Settings)
- added - FLAC Audio Support, ty @KennyRoot
- added - Cleaner Reboot/Shutdown service based routines
- added - reboot option in power menu
- added - compcache, "optional" (configure in SpareParts)
--- I recommend not using it unless you *know* you need it
- added - linuxswap support, "optional" (configure in SpareParts)
--- Again, only if you *know* you need it
(personally I`m messing around w/ cc + lswap with my debian chroot *toy*)
- added - more options to Spareparts
--- CPU Min/Max/Governor Settings
--- Compcache/LinuxSwap/Swappiness Settings
--- Poweroff in QuickCommands
- updated - Wysie`s ContactsMOD to v1.1
- updated - Wifi Tether to v2.0pre7
- updated - Wired(USB) Tether to v1.2
- updated - libaudio, libril and libhtc_ril from EPE54b
--- Should be able to experiment with the newer (leaked) radio some, I am anyways now
- updated/added - some binaries from CMMod .. busybox, htop, powertop and bash
- moved - su to xbin, with symlink to bin (per Koush, a backwards compatibility issue)
- disabled - PID prioritizer (not really needed anymore yay! )
- fixed - MMS/SMS Attachment/Picture size issue (ty @cyanogen for the overlay hint)
- fixed - audio/video sync issue during video playback in certain (rare) setups

2/14/2010 - v1.6.1 - STABLE - "Happy Valentine`s Day"
- Updated kernel, removed all debugging (for speed)
--- supports the "tun" module along with the previously supported ones.
- linked up system/modules so that modprobe will function properly
- Converted to an AOSP 2.1r2-base (ERE27) entirely
--- This primary yields as many locales as possible in TheOfficial (so more language support!)
- gapps and prop-binaries still based off the OTA-ERE27 update
--- So yea, sry, but not pludging into ERE36B-leak atm.
- re-added isPhoneOn? - Should be if you`re checking!!!
- updated the APN list, now it`s the massive one from CyanogenMOD
- updated most binaries from the AOSP-2.1r2
- added Development app (includes a "hidden" terminal with "a few issues")
- added modded - SpareParts app - This serves as the primary interface to control TheOfficial ROM
(SpareParts options in a nutshell)
--- Control which Modded Apps are used
--- View and Control Storage Data Options
---- View FileSystem Sizes (Free/Used)
---- Implement Apps2SD
---- Implement Dalvik-cache2SD
---- Implement Dalvik-cache to /cache partition
--- Control the PID Prioritzer on Launcher2
--- Control startup execution
--- Control OTA Update Notifications
--- Various Quick Commands
---- Reboot normally or into recovery or bootloader
---- Mount /system read/write or readonly
---- (more to come, only need to dream them, suggestions welcome)
- added "optional" modded apps
--- CyTown`s Phone MOD
--- Wysie`s WyContacts MOD (w/out the scrolling letter bug!)
--- An internationalized keyboard (that lacks VoiceSearch), but supports more international characters when typing!
--- (more to come here too, eventually)
- updated the wired tether package (but not the wifi tether just yet, continue to ignore it`s "update prompt")
- If you`ve already *manually* implemented apps2sd and/or dalvik-cache2SD, SpareParts will be unaware of this!
simply check the appropriate checkboxes for your setup and it will be sync`d up fine. No worries there.
- The "End button behavior" option in SpareParts is broken, so just don`t tamper with it. I`m going to look into it when possible.
- Themers do note the changes in the ThemeTemplates (particularly the app_store folder in /system now, 3-duplicate apps)

2/3/2010 - v1.5.1 - STABLE
- fixed signing issues with the GAPPS, this will fix the "login" and sync issues.
PLEASE NOTE: If you are experiencing these issues, a "wipe" is in order to resolve. Sorry `bout that.

2/3/2010 - v1.5
- updated to the latest Google OTA Update ERE27!
- removed Cyanogen`s MultiTouch stuff ... as ERE27 now has MultiTouch Browser, Maps and Gallery!
- Google Goggles is in there now ... GoogleMaps 3.4 w/ the night stuff
- Everything has been de-odex`d again.
- Resigned everything with testkeys.
--- ALSO, there is a radio update ... but I will never include such updates in my ROM`s, so there`s a separate for that in Downloads section.

1/27/2010 - v1.4
- Now a FULL ROM, no longer an addon, this will make installing/transitioning easier
- added - Cyanogen`s Multi-Touch Browser (thanks again man!)
- added - Android IM App (AIM, MSN, Yahoo support)
- added - Corporate Calender (for Exchange Calender Support)
- fixed - lucid script to perform Apps2SD
- fixed - the BackupManager.jar was jacked up
- improved - relinked `rm` to busybox (instead of toolbox)
--- more coming soon, this is a minor stepping stone

1/12/2010 - v1.3
- De-ODEX`d apps/framework (`cept core) and now 100% Theme-able - So Themers bring us some themes please!!!
- ZipAligned all system apk`s after de-odex`ing (In the ROM and Theme Templates, you`ll wanna re-zipalign after themeing)
--- Theme Templates in the Download Section (I did a "white" statusbar text template to speed things along)
- replaced - su/Superuser.apk from Cyan`s Makin` Bacon (So that Themes will be interchangable between the ROM`s)
- automatic detection and filechecking for ext2/3/4 partitions
- automatic mounting of ext2/3/4 partitions to /system/sd
--- If you want apps2sd (I`m not judgin ), you can now use the `lucid` script for that, since ext is auto-mounted.
- startup/boot execution of /data/local/ (in case you want to implement some custom startup stuff )
-------- I`m using all this to run a linux distro ---------
- added - telnetd binary (a quick/dirty convenience)
- re-linked ps, ls & df to busybox (instead of toolbox)
- added - a pid prioritizer for launcher2
--- is a slight bump that helps with the launcher2 lag, not a permanent fix, but helps a lil for now (till we get a code drop)

1/8/2010 - v1.0
- TheOfficial - 2.6.29-msm-nexusone kernel
(Would like to thank Zinx for initial RNDIS port, Ben Buxton for n1 port and Cyanogen for posting the code in git, TY)
--- ipv6, iptables, RNDIS support (Wifi/Wired Tether capabilities)
--- ext2/3/4, cifs, fuse, afs, etc fs support
--- Multi-Touch support in synaptics drivers (however, no MT apps yet)

- updated apn list
- dns settings (resolv.conf)
- terminfo

- su/Superuser.apk (for Root access)
- Wifi Tether and Wired Tether apps included (can remove in settings)

- various misc binaries ...
--- linked-up busybox
--- nano & libncurses (coutesy of Cyanogen)
--- dropbear
--- flash_image
--- extXfs tools
--- iptables
--- various other (mostly for dev/customizational ops and future implementations)

- various scripts ...
--- rwsystem/rosystem (to read/write and readonly /system easily)
--- recboot (to reboot into recovery easily, as the new bootloader makes it a lil` annoying)
--- fix_permissions (to fix uid problems, even though amon_ra`s recovery has it )
--- lucid (not 100% useful yet, but it`s there and will get it updated over time)

- NO Apps2SD boot support yet (Mostly as there`s no need *yet and hopefully never* )

****** Installation Steps *******

- (1) Unlock your bootloader (root it) and fastboot install Amon_RA`s recovery image
--- see these (2) threads for details

- (2) Perform a nandroid backup to be safe!

- (3) Wipe your configuration and ext partition if coming from another ROM/addon!

- (4) Download the and copy to your sdcard and flash in Amon_RA`s recovery image.

****** Frequently Asked Questions *******

1) When using the `su` command/app ... make sure USB Debugging is turned on in order to recieve the initial su-permission window.

2) How to setup Apps2SD. Make sure you have a ext2/3/4 partition on your sdcard and run SpareParts and check the appropriate boxes.

That`s it!

TheOfficial AOSP-1.6_r2 DRD36 (Donut) v2.6.2, Release 2.6.2
ROM Homepage
Downloads: 18760
Released: 3/4/2010
[ Release notes / Info ]
Base Image
Expansion Pack 2.6.2
Expansion Pack 2.6.2 (EBI1 support)

The AOSP 1.6_r2 DRD36 (Donut) ROM - uses TheOfficial AOSP-1.6_r2 +  HTC ADP binary release, while allowing users to have the feature set, root users enjoy.

There are 2 options you can download for the AOSP-1.6_r2 DRD36 ROM:

  1. The Base version without any of the Expansion Pack features.
  2. The Expansion Pack to install over the Base version.

See the release notes for more information.


TheOfficial TMO DRC92 - EU v2.6.2, Release 2.6.2
ROM Homepage
Downloads: 4995
Released: 3/4/2010
[ Release notes / Info ]
Base Image
Expansion Pack 2.6.2

The TMO OTA DRC92 ROM EU - uses TheOfficial T-Mobile binary release of DRC92-EU, while allowing users to have the feature set, root users enjoy.

There are 2 options you can download for the TMO OTA DRC92 ROM EU ROM:

  1. The Base version without any of the Expansion Pack features.
  2. The Expansion Pack to install over the Base version.

See the release notes for more information.


TheOfficial TMO DRC83 - US v2.6.2, Release 2.6.2
ROM Homepage
Downloads: 15047
Released: 3/4/2010
[ Release notes / Info ]
Base Image
Expansion Pack 2.6.2

The TMO OTA DRC83 ROM US - is aimed at using TheOfficial T-Mobile binary release of DRC83-US, while allowing users to have the feature set, root users enjoy.

There are 2 options you can download for the TheOfficial TMO DRC83 - US ROM:

   1. The Base version without any of the Expansion Pack features.
   2. The Expansion Pack to install over the Base version.


See the release notes for more information.


TheOfficial Rogers - Enomther`s MOD - v2.0.1, Release 2.0.1
ROM Homepage
Downloads: 3898
Released: 2/1/2010
[ Release notes / Info ]

This is enomther`s version of the latest Rogers build - (1.86.631.1 - Now with the supposed e911 fixes)

- Again, root
- A non-bunk recovery image that can flash ROM`s signed with testkeys (such as Cyanogen`s 1.4, or Amon_RA`s 1.2.3)
- if you have a Dream/G1 - Haykuro`s DangerSPL v1.33.2005 SPL - Get it here (and please follow the instructions carefully)
- if you have a sapphire32B/MyTouch3G, your SPL should be good
- sapphire 32A is not supported
- not required, but ... a second partition (ext2/ext3) on your SDCard, if you want Apps2SD. EXT4 IS NOT SUPPORTED!
- not required, but ... a third partition (linux-swap), if you want to utilize a linux-swap partition.

See POST#2 for Themes & Resources!

Yes, the Rogers apps are included. If you don`t want them, open the Terminal and perform ...


Select option #15 and when prompt to remove Rogers apps, say yes.

Big Thanks go out ....
To JF, Cyanogen, Haykuro, JAC, ccyrowski, TheDudeOfLife, Soulife, KB7SQI, irrenhaus, rogro82, Loccy, cytown, rgv151, LucidREM, miketaylor00, Meltus, Moonspoon, Tehseano, Manup456, beagz, sir*mez, Prash, mannyb, RichieDaze, JonnyBeuno, nabzilla1990, all the other theme, app & ROM devs), AndroidSpin (for hosting space and a great ROM DB), .... AND ...... most of all to XDA-developers and the XDA community ... THANK YOU!

If you like or use this work, you can always buy me a drink of anykind

- Updated base build ... now based on the updated build from Rogers/HTC to fix the e911 debacle.
- redid compression schemes for better/smoother performance.
- zipaligned all apks in ROM and themes for better/smoother performance.
- de-odex`d everything for easier build and theme maintenance.
- reverted to the updated/stock libhtc_ril ... just in case this has any bearing what-so-ever on Rogers users.
- re-included CIME libraries in system/lib ... (and now there is plenty of /system space) ... so if CIME is pushed to system it will work properly.
--- Redid all the themes ... so please be sure to grab the updated theme if you use them!

- So this wasn`t the "update" I wanted to give you guys ...
Still waiting on the Rogers Donut build drop, but ...
wanted to go ahead and provide the progress I`ve made in the build
that doesn`t require donut.
Hopefully we`ll see that update soon!

- upgraded - compcache to 0.5.4 w/CONFIG_SWAP_FREE_NOTIFY patch
-- backing-store enabled by default if linux-swap partition exists
- added - more performance tweaks
- added - Automatic SDCard Partition discovery
--- now you can run linux-swap/cc-backing-store without an ext partition (w/out apps2sd)
- added - VSAPP`s can now be install to /data
- added - MT3G users can now uninstall vsapps (no-more sys-vsapps)
- added - option (#15) in expsetup to easily remove built-in apps (for the Stock lovers)
- added - HERO-Style Animations/Transitions
- altered - default swappiness set the 45
- Updated/Fixed - Build now registers as Donut DRC83/DRC92
----- This will STOP the OTA updates, and the Market is now fully functional using Donut build fingerprints.
- fixed - you now MUST disable compcache to run pure linux-swap (impossible to run both )
- fixed - long boot time for non-apps2sd users
--- FirstBoot still takes a bit (be patient) ... but after that ... the boot FLYS!!!!
- removed - option 100 for myTouch users, vsapps now install to data

- reverted/fixed - APN list to a known working list
- tweaked - PID prioritization
--- Smoothed out the UI a lil bit
--- Greatly reduced phone "lag" when sync`ing w/Exchange in the background
- updated - lucid script to 1.60.5
--- NOTE: This is now more compatible with "TheOfficial", Thanks to LucidREM
--- and you can use this to obtain the Meltus audio mods.
---- For example, to obtain Meltus v7 audio mod, run "lucid -au v7" in the terminal after su.

- fixed - Camcorder FC issue.

- added - Irrenhuas/Rogro82`s Advanced Launcher - Rogers Themed - fast/multiple-homescreens/auto-rotate/(5x4/6x3) app drawer/sub-folders/etc
- added - rgv151`s MMS app as default (simply better/stable)
- added - Loccy`s BetterBrowser as default (simply better)
- added - fully odex`d system framework and apps (for more speed! and quicker boot times)
- added - cute android HTC boot animation
- added - PID priotization from miketaylor`s script (speedup phone ringtimes, music performance and media boost)
- added - option to disable PID priotization in expsetup
- removed - Resource Installer in expsetup (As those nice apps are built-in now )
- removed - CIME libs - as these come with the CIME vsapp
- fixed - expansion pack version (for easy ROM switching between TheOfficial TMO/ADP/Rogers builds)
- updated - TheOfficial HERO Rogers Theme to v3 (to be compat with this build)
---- Finally - This was the "theming" base we we`re been waiting for, now we can get some themes going

- replaced - (now from ION)
- fixed - HW Model display issue, now G1/MyTouch display properly, should fix MyFaves issues
- fixed - reboot freeze in the expsetup util
- added - expsetup now reboots and flashes resources automatically (with consent)

- added - updated APN list - Thanks to KB7SQI
- added - MultiLanguage Support - Thanks to KB7SQI
-- NOTE: Chinese (Need to add CIME manually in expsetup)
-- NOTE: Japanese (Need to add iWnne manually in expsetup)

- fixed - sapphire-32B hardware init issues.

- added - dual hardware support for dream/sapphire-32B
- added - Auto-Apps2SD, if a 2nd partition exists.
- added - Auto-Compcache 0.5.3 - stable w/ARM fix, (~32MB).
- added - Linux-Swap partition support.
- added - ext2/ext3 partition checking on boot.
- added - modified build.prop (Presents CRC1-US for dream & COC10-US for sapphire-32B)
--- Fixes all Market issues
- added - 2.6.27 TheOfficial kernel
--- security patched
--- ext2/ext3 fs support, linux-swap
--- Multi-Touch support
--- unionfs/cifs/fuse fs support
--- ipv6 support
--- tun and ipsec support
- added - signing into google is "optional", you can use Wifi
- added - All features controlled by command `expsetup`, run in TerminalApp.
- added - SetCPU functions to expsetup
- added - Cyanogen`s CPUFreqSamplingMOD to expsetup
- added - AndroidSPIN VSAPP Installer in expsetup
- added - AndroidSPIN Resource Installer in expsetup
- added - vsapp uninstaller to expsetup
- added - vsapp to /system installer for MT3G users to expsetup
- added - ExpansionPack LogFile generation to expsetup
- added - odex`ing /data/app`s in expsetup
- added - suppress stripping odex files on boot option in expsetup
- added - reboot function in the exp_lib
- added - optional /data/expstick/bin/ startup execution
- added - All official AOSP 1.5r3 binaries.
- added - Full (Mostly) featured BusyBox
- added - library support to include /data/expstick/lib
- added - fix_permissions v1.26
- added - lucidREM`s lucid v1.60.03 script
- added - dropbear SSH server & keygen
- added - rwsystem/rosystem scripts
- added - better toolbox in /system/bin
- added - AmazonMP3 App
- added - VoiceSearch
- added - SpareParts app
- added - GoogleMaps to the latest, v3.1.2
- added - andTether 1.52
- added - HTC_IME
- added - Root (su/Superuser.apk)
- added - Terminal App

(TheOfficial Rogers ROM v2.0.1)

MD5: 6ef4baf6cc29d41f122a32b50ba5f694


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