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Hero ROM modifications.

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Drizzy`s Hero-V1.5.5
ROM Homepage
Downloads: 701
Released: 9/21/2009
[ Release notes / Info ]

As you all know I dont have a G1 but, Im taking donations to buy another G1 so I can test myself before releasing. The G1 is only $130 and $15 to unlock, so if you will like to help me buy a G1 then that would be most appreciated.


Please Keep Thread on topic
Please keep this a friendly thread
Please do some research before you post
& please enjoy!!!
My thanks go to:
Cyanogen, JAC, Stericson, Twisted, Ccyrowski, Barak, androidspin, and the XDA community!!

"You will need"
: Root
: 3 partitions
: Cyanogen`s 1.4 recovery
: Class 6 sd card


Here is whats on the menu today!!!

New Era releases:

: sound is back
: unodex apps
: yes faster than V1.5r1
: jac ski boot.img "Thanks fellas"
: based on Asia Hero release
: rosie wallpapers now in resource by default
: updated flash player
: cleaned out some hw files
: cleaned out framework images
: mostly a clean up build because i cleaned out most widgets
: cleaned out rosie images
: compcache enabled by default
: removed htc scenes
mostly it!!!

: nothing really special just a fast hero
: added wifi tether
: added some new audio files "thanks adndep"
: added htc sync
: fixed albums
pretty much it!!!

: initial release
: based on 2.73.405.3 hero update
: fully optimized rosie and widget,, and framework
: removed bizcard and java
: everything is much faster due to secret optimized apks
: linux swap by default
: removed and added new wallpapers
: new era release!

"I am not responsible for any bricks or any damages done to your phone"
Elite V0.5 "Haykuro`s 1.79.482.3 hero_release"
ROM Homepage
Downloads: 910
Released: 8/27/2009
[ Release notes / Info ]
Elite Personal v0.5 Full v0.2 Superlite v0.2

First and far most"All credit goes to Haykuro"
Donate 2 Haykuro

My thanks go to:
Haykuro, XDan, Cyaongen, TwistedUmbrella, Barakflorida, & the XDA Community!


What you need:
: 3 partitions (HERE)
: cyanogen`s 1.4 recovery image (HERE)
: haykuro`s spl and latest radio (HERE)
: root (HERE)


"Please do some research before flashing! I am not responsible for any bricks or damages done to your phone!"


"Please wipe and reformat ext3 before flashing"

"Everyone my elite full build got corrupted and torn up so ill have a full build tomorrow and it will be V1,
0.5 because its only some stuff optimized"

Personal V0.5:
Elite PersonalV0.5
MD5: E1939B287D30B1D7AE1838F63C577DB5


Full Build v0.2:
Full V0.2
MD5: EA3BBB253C51B8B6B90CD45D6D21A6EA

SuperLite Build v0.2:
Superlite V0.2
MD5: CEC2A8BA9B9C5EA318C6731C6D2337E3

Personal Build v0.2:
Personal V0.2
MD5: FD472CF263F2C42646D916F7DA789895

I just wanna be Successful...yea!

Man, I`m So Far GONE.....
To make everybody happy I think I would need a CLONE...
I`m sitting in a chair but in the future its a THRONE....
MyTouch and Dream! Who`s your HERO? *5 of 6
ROM Homepage
Downloads: 4540
Released: 8/17/2009
[ Release notes / Info ]
Personal v3 Full v3 Touchflo 3d v3

These ROM`s are based off the 1.76.405.6 Hero Release w.many many edits done by JAC and I"The reason Why my thread is called Who is your HERO, is because I am making 5 ROM`s for you to chose from , I just wanted you all to have options"

If your in a boot loop you need to re-format ext3, but how?
"Thru Phone terminal"
: Boot into recovery home+power
: Go to console ALT+X
In Phone Console:"type"
(press enter)
# mount -o rw /dev/block/mmcblk0p2 /system/sd
# rm -rf /system/sd/*
# reboot recovery
Why isn`t this Hero build Optimized?
: I do not want to optimize the build until all the bugs get fixed"I just dont want to keep replacing apk`s over and over"
Why so many builds?
: just giving you all options
How do i run apps to sd?
: apps to sd runs automatically on boot or reboot

Drizzy`s NewVision Touchflo 3D v2.8
ROM Homepage
Downloads: 540
Released: 7/30/2009
[ Release notes / Info ]