Android ROM Build Release Notes for KB7SQIs Magic Mod w/arabic v2.7.2
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Here`s the complete changelog:

- The kernel has been updated to 2.6.27-00399-gc7f8bce. This kernel inlcudes support for swap_free notify, tun, ipsec, ipfilter, ipv6, fuse, cifs, cramfs, squashfs-4.0, ext2/3, cpu scaling,. Close to what JF`s 1.51 kernel contained minus unionfs support, and I didn`t apply any multi touch patches. The kernel update was done because of the following security alerts:
- Kernel security update fixes a critical vulnerability common to all linux kernels that are un-patched (sock_sendpage() Local Root0 exploit).
- Updated the init.rc in boot.img to export TERMINFO
- Included the new wlan.ko in /system/lib/modules to be compatible w/ the new kernel and added the following changes:
- Removed most of the wallpaper/ringtones, notifications, etc. Needed the space!
- Added Wifi-Tether
- Updated the apn list
- Updated lucid script in /system/bin to the latest release
- Updated the build.prop to be seen as a T-Mobile G1/myTouch 3G so MyAccount 2.0 works, and protected/paid apps work correctly again.
- Added iptables to /system/bin - WiFi Tethering works great!
- Added Haykuro`s HTC_IME.apk.
- Added Java from Hero. Jbed.apk in /system/app & to system/lib
Re-added Stericson`s tweaked Amazon apk
Compiled/Added Compcache 0.5.4 test 2 w/ARM fix - Enabled by default.
I added these changes taken from Soulife`s excellent Rogers Remix:
~added cyanogens sexy black terminal
~added cyanogens log collector (no more excuses for lack of logs)
~clearcache added to bin (clear Android Market, Browser, GMail, Google Maps, StreetView, Youtube cache)
~lowered boot sound in extended (so when i restart my phone at 2am i dont scare the shit out of myself)
Added rwsystem and rosystem to bin (just type rwsystem as su in terminal to mount system as read write etc..)
From Cyanogen`s release, I`ve added:
his terminfo in /system/etc/terminfo
his updated e2fsck, mke2fs, tune2fs, busybox, & his new htop port in /system/xbin
updated toolbox, sh, su in /system/bin
From Cyanogen`s 4.0.2 release, I`ve added:
Added the dropbear SSH server into xbin

V2.7.2 - Warez FREE and forgot to mention the following was fixed in V2.7.1
-Network Search was fixed by updating build.props file. Enjoy!
-QuickOffice was removed as requested.

V2.7.1 - Newer kernel & compcache and theme available!
-Since things have moved around a bit, I`d recommend doing a wipe before hand.
-Kernel has been updated w/ swap_free notify support for compcache-0.5.4 test2 and I`ve backport squashfs-4.0 from 2.6.29
-compcache-0.5.4 test 2 added
-AdvancedLauncher has been removed. If you want to add it back, feel free.
-compache is now enabled by default
-Removed Google Maps. Grab it from the Market.
-There`s now a lite, full, & a theme that can be applied after flashing the rom.
-Lite is basically the build w/ Arabic support removed.
-Full build is as before w/ complete Arabic support for those who need it.
-I fixed the Google Sync Issue. Sorry about that.
-Made the builds much easier to maintain.
-Let me say I`m NO graphics guru first off. I have to say thanks to Soulife, Enomther, TheDude, everyone who provided parts from the following themes:
Hero, gChrome, enoch, zalgo and parts from the Cliq rom & Tattoo build. This is a mixture of something old & new. I basically tooks some png`s from each & used them to build a mostly hero theme that had a simple/clean look to it. I hope you like it.

V2.5.1.1 - Fixes issues w/ optimized Browser/Flash Player.
V2.5.1 - Build has been optimized & a few minor updates the init scripts.

V2.5 - Initial Release

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