Android ROM Build Release Notes for RAv1.6.2
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RA-IONv1.6.2H & RA-IONv1.6.2H :

- Updated update-script :
    delete DATA:dalvik-cache
    delete DATA:misc

- Recompiled kernel to RAv1.6.2 :
    Switched to AOSP Donut kernel source instead of Cyanogen`s kernel source.
    Removed Multi-touch support
    CONFIG_MSM_CPU_FREQ_ONDEMAND_MIN=384000 instead of 245760
    Changed some netfilter settings
- Recompiled /system/lib/modules/wlan.ko to match kernel RAv1.6.2
- Fixed flash_recovery in init.rc

- Removed /system/app/SystemUpdater.* (Fix automatic OTA updates)
- Removed /system/etc/security/ (Fix automatic OTA updates)

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