Android ROM Build Release Notes for JesterBlur v1.2.5
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:updated all images in all APK`s that i could
:Custom Made Tray Handles w/Floating Buttons (just for looks)
:Removed HTC Sync
:custom LockScreen w/ moto logo
:Custom In-Call Screen with Blur Look
:Added Blur Wallpapers
: Modified GMail status notification to have a RED "@" and white background
:Fixed FC on Wallpaper Gallery
:Fixed FC on People
:For the most part is great for everyday use, my testers say is pretty stable
:Works both in Portrait and Landscape perfectly When using keyboard
:Tested on G1 - Magic users report if it works, i don`t have a mytouch myself.

:Updated HTC Sync with blur images
:Updated Mail with Blur Tray Icon
:Added Blur Animations! Yay!
:Added Quick Office
:Added Weather Widgets <--like my newest screenshot
:Led`s Still dont work <-- this hero is different than the others so, will fix it soon!
:MT3G Users reporting that its working excelent! Thanks TeCH NiNJa,wicked_beav,solaresdonis & XxKOLOHExX keep us posted on MT3G status


:Overhauled Rosie all new images
:moded all apk`s associated with setup
:removed QuickOffice
:Full LED`s
:HomeScreen Buttons work!
:New Dial Pad
:Opening Blur Animated Boot Sequence
:Factory Ringtones

:Updated Ringtones, Notifications, and Alarm Sounds
:Market working <--thanks Maxisima
:Full Flash for new users not running JesterBlur
:Update for Existing Users from v1.1.5 to v1.2.0

:Happy Halloween!!! >:-)  

:Audio Recording Fixed
:Updated Phone - Full Blur look!
:Updated Mail
:Updated Clock
:Removed Teeter
:Removed Set CPU
:Warez Free
:Full Flash for new users not running JesterBlur
:Update for Existing Users from v1.2.0 to v1.2.5

will still work on getting bluetooth working in future updates. again this is experimental but is stable for daily use!


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