Android ROM Build Release Notes for PhotonMod_Hero v1.5
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Ok, I`ve been trying out a lot of Hero ROMS and I`m always disappointed in the speed, or lack thereof. Each time I have found myself flashing back to a stable Hero build and then customizing it to my liking (see below). This release is mainly for my own sanity, to save myself the time and effort of getting back to a setup I prefer.

For clarification purposes, I will be referring to these builds as PhotonMod_Hero1 and PhotonMod_Hero1.5
Just understand that v1 is based on LeakDroid`s SuperHero3 build and v1.5 is based on JACHero 2.63.

**UPDATE 7/15/09**
As requested, Re-upped PhotonMod_Hero v1 without the Asian IME (pinyinIME.apk). Just be sure to choose English on the first screen of the setup wizard.
PhotonMod_Hero v1:
NOTE: If you have random Asian characters showing up in odd places, power off the phone and turn it back on. This seems to only happen before the first reboot.

(Reminder, this one does not use AppsToSD. It is basically SuperHeroV3-MAS minus Rosie and all HTC widgets. Also minus swap. and with a few other teaks.)

Here is "Lite" version of PhotonMod_Hero1.5. I removed the Weather app and widget, and Retro Clock widget.
PhotonMod_Hero v1.5:

****UPDATE 7/14/09****
Bluetooth is NOT working in any Hero build at this time

New Build release: PhotonMod_Hero v1.5 - Lite
Based on JACHero2.63 with the following changes:

**Changelog - PhotonMod_Hero1.5 - Lite**

-Removed ALL HTC Widgets
-Replaced HTCCamera with one that works (No sideways image)
-Replaced HtcMusic with old Music app from non-Hero builds (b/c that one is a resource hog!)
-Replaced Rosie with standard Launcher
-Removed Teeter.apk/odex, Stocks.apk/odex, DCS_Stocks.apk/odex
-Removed (commented) Swap partition section in as I want to try this build out without a Swap partition.

-Added section in to move a "wallpaper" folder to the FAT32 partition on your SD. That folder contains the wallpapers from the Rosie wallpaper gallery (See Below)
-Added AppsInstaller
-Added Custom Lock Screen
-Added a few "Gems" to the Ringtones/Notifications

To use AppsToSD, make sure you have your SD card setup with Fat32/Ext3 partitions. You will not need a third Linux-Swap partion with this build.

To use new Wallpapers, at the Home screen, press Menu -> Wallpaper. Then choose Albums. You should see a wallpaper folder containing 5 wallpapers.

Thanks to JesusFreke, Haykuro, JAC, Cyanogen, L3wish and the Leakdroid crew, Meltus, and all the other great Devs working to give us the experience we want from our phones.

Rename to and flash as usual.

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