Android ROM Build Release Notes for Maxisma CM Mod v2.3
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With designing help from marquel22 =)

Changelog 2.3:

-Based off CM`S 4.0.1 Stable
-OTA Updates via CM-Updater
-A script which switches the normal Launcher to the Advanced Launcher and vice versa (Just type sw_adv or sw_org after su in terminal =))
-A script wich switches the keyboard to qwertz (Type install_qwertz after su)
-Skinned Phone.apk/Smartdialer in blue
-Some more Tweaking
-Kept Swap, because I think it`s better


Log collector
Tether app
Amazon MP3
Original music-app

-Swap instead of CompCache for perfomance (
-HTC Hero Music (Skinned)
-rwsystem + rosystem for easy remounting
-lighter theme (cyanogenized r4)
-Own background (select it via menu/background/wallpaper gallery)
-Set clock to 384 MHz-528 MHz instead of 192 MHz-528 MHz
-Automatic install of Cyanogens recovery on first boot
-Original Launcher from Cupcake with 3 homescreens for perfomance
-HTC Skinned weather widget
-Exchange mail
-AudioMod v6 (Bass)
-includes Wifitether/Bluetoothtether-app
-includes weatherwidget by koxx
-HTC Skin Weatherwidget

To do for 2.3.1:
-Add TouchPal
-More theming =)


CREDITS: All Developers,Google & HTC for making all this possible!

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