Android ROM Build Release Notes for Denkai's Hero ROM (DHR) v0.2.0
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Okay, I made a post a while back that got trashed about my own Hero ROM I was going to try and make, I've got my permissions from those I need (I believe, if i step on your feet, sorry! let me know). This is an attempt to make a ROM with "HTC Sense" aka Rosie, and still be as fast as the Original ROMs on the G1. I won't even make the hope I can get it as fast as Cyanogens, but using his ideas, we may with a little luck! This thread is being made to keep track of what is done to the Alpha phase (unreleased) of this ROM up to it's Open Beta Release client, which I expect around 0.7. There will be no Closed Beta's. "Final" versions will be Stable, other wise it will be a beta/RC.

* Radio
* Haykuro's SPL
* 3 partition class 6 SD card (FAT32,EXT3/4,linux-swap in this order. May goto 4 partitions and skip the second one so users can boot multiple ROMS with just a flash.) Swap no larger then 32MB, suggest 16-24MB

This is an attempt to bring the latest and greatest of android to a reasonable level, however just like others, this build is HIGHLY experimental, I'm not responsible if it breaks your system, causes unwanted performance, or lets out the leprechauns you put in that shoe box under your bed. Do yourself a favor and don't flash this if you have only 1 phone for right now. I'm no Haykuro or Cyanogen, so bear with me please.
Alpha Stage:

*****READ ME*****
Note That I have been restructuring this build alot to run more like Cyanogens but still keeping the Hero framework. if you do test this build, it most likely won't boot up completely, I'm not holding my breathe, but I've stopped for today and figured I'd let anyone who wanted to see, what I've done. The file is signed if you wish to run the alpha test and see how it works. if you do, do me a favor and copy down the logcat at *first* boot via adb for me, and post it at Also, I believe I may have incorporated busybox without realizing it. test it and see if I did, if I did, great, one less thing to do, if I didn't let me know.

Oh, and if you have an ext2/3/4 you don't want screwed with, remove your SD card before you boot it.

DHR 0.2.0 Things done
* Using NK02 + Fat4lity's 1.1 as a base and working from there
* Auto-Swap with Swappiness @ 30 with 3rd partition linux-swap
* Ramdisk to mount partitions with noatime/nodiratime
* Symlinks and bind mounts enabled by default for APPS2SD
* EXT3, possibly EXT4 for APPS2SD
* Fix_Permissions Script from Cyanogen
* Cleaned up boot script
* Cleaned up extra files
* Removed Launcher.apk

Left to do:
* Clean up Debug at boot
* Cyanogens Optimized 2.6.29 kernel
* Haykuro's APN list
* Latest HTC_IME with drawing pad
* Add script to separate internal mem from sdcard EXT3/4
* SU Binaires and apps
* Busybox
* Update ROM name

Attempt to do:
* if I can get rid of binds in dexopt I will odex application files, allowing for faster boot.
* Check for anything from master that may incorporate faster performance i.e. Davlik Patches.


Special Thanks:
Cyanogen (Without him I wouldn't be doing this)
NK02 + Fat4lity