Android ROM Build Release Notes for Soulife ION Remix v1.2.2
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Remember it's good practice to wipe before coming to a new build. 9 out of 10 problems are because you probably didn't wipe when coming from another build. Also, hero is great for polluting your /system/sd directory. And a lot of developers are installing stuff on the data partition. So if you have a2sd and you flash a rom that installs stuff on data, it will reinstall itself when you come to another a2sd enabled build. Which could cause problems. Just a few things I want everyone to remember. Flash away...

This Build is constantly getting worked on, so looking at the change log to figure out what your getting can be confusing. So here it is in a nutshell...(as of July 12, 2009)

Two different versions now available. Regular for those with the "original" spl and Extended for the "special" spl.
To add ringtones, alarms, and notification sounds back on the phone download the file from download page, and add those 3 directories to the root of your sdcard. Viola, you now have audio.


Built with Cyanogen's kernel and boot.img (3.6.5)
(please, please visit his thread. a lot of those same rules apply here)
(dalvik-cache stays internal)
* Enhanced ramdisk which uses optimal mount options and smart startup
* Includes E2FSProgs for checking and converting Ext filesystems
* Apps2SD is automatic! All you need is a second partition.
* Includes script to upgrade to ext3
* Supports ext2/ext3/ext4 for Apps2SD
* Clean filesystem shutdown at poweroff/reboot, and fsck at boot (should stop FS corruption)
* Highly optimized kernel with many extra modules
* Tweaked frequency scaling options to be more responsive
* Maximum CPU scaling frequency set to 528MHz
* Runs /system/sd/ after A2SD setup and before starting the runtime for user scripts
added cyanogens settings app to allow showing ext2/3/4 partition available space
Optimized with JF build environment
New default theme
Updated busybox (1.14.2)
Newest Google Maps app (3.1.1)(extended)
More locals than just "English - United States" (not all work)
fix_permissions in bin (its called "fixperm" in this build)
rwsystem and rosystem in bin (so you dont have to type "busybox mount -o rw,remount /system" to modify something)
added pdf viewer
added quickoffice 1.0.1
odex re-optimized for this build (extended)
added htc-ime (extended)
stericson music player from hero
stericsons lock screen
Rogers camera and gallery
removed all but needed ringtones, notifications, alarms
added modified launcher to autorotate and app tray has extra icons
cyanogens alarm clock

Version 1.2.2
fixed force close in settings when adjusting volume (extended)

Version 1.2.1
(this is an update to extended, regular is fine)
fixed google log in problem (extended)
fixed market force close after uninstall (extended)

Version 1.2
~updated stericsons HTCmusic (7/1/2009)
~Kernel 2.6.29 (cyanogen of course, thanks man)
~squashfs instead of cramfs
~theme ported from soulife's roger remix
~htc-ime works now (no more force closes)
~removed sapphire keyboard layouts (thought sapphire was keyboardless)
~cyanogens alarm clock (wont lose snoozes from auto-rotate)
~fixed tray resolution
~made some artwork take up less space

Version 1.1
~fixed Google Maps
~removed htc-ime to seperate package (rename and flash)
~updated stericson's HTCmusic (6/29/2009)
~started to make this build lose some weight

Version 1
~cyanogens kernel and boot (3.4.6)
~ updated busybox to 1.14.2
~ updated google maps to 3.1.1
+ added cyanogens settings app to allow showing ext2/3/4 partition available space
+ added stericson's lockscreen (didnt realize how much i missed it)
+ added modified launcher to autorotate and app tray has extra icons
+ added Rogers camera and gallery
+ added stericson music player from hero (6/28/20009)
+ added cyanogens e2fsck tools in bin
+ added telnet binary in bin
+ added odex re-optimized for this build
+ added htc-ime (never realized it, this things huge)
+ added pdf viewer
+ added quickoffice 1.0.1
+ added spareparts
+ added terminal
+ added custom theme by default
+ added rwsystem, rosystem in bin
+ added fixperm in bin (fix_permissions)
- removed ping binary
(i noticed while playing with smali some apps reference ping, haven't had any issues yet though )
- removed all but needed ringtones, notifications, alarms
- removed amazon mp3

to do
odex some critical apk's for regular version (speed boost)
maybe give you guys 5 home screens (it takes up more memory and i wont use the extra screens, so its not worth it to me yet)
maybe remove homescreen auto-rotation (some find it annoying)
re-odex framework. i need to find the right sequence or ill get stale nfs bullsh*t. i have little patience.
put overclock widget as seperate download with custom artwork to match theme
make a default theme template for extended version (im lazy and dont wanna re-odex yet, although its only a few apk's)

known issues
theme - status bar icons are barely visible on white background
theme - highlighted dialer is "weird" on the left side (damned *.9.png files, i need eclipse)
theme - the alien dude has something in his eye
adjusting ringer volume in settings will throw a FC

Haykuro provided the initial build
Haykuro provided hero build (where i got some artwork from)
Cyanogen provided the kernel, boot.img, a2sd method, settings.apk, e2fsck tools, new busybox, concepts, etc....
Stericson provided lockscreen, HTCmusic from hero, white clock
Manup456 provided A LOT of the artwork you see
MOONSSPOON for artwork
ultra spikey for artwork

(playing with ion i've come to realize that its not what is in ion that makes it fast, its what's not in it if you ever read dalvikvm from ion for speed, laugh, unless every single build has started using it, it is the same as on a stock g1 )

Builds & HTC-IME & Default theme (only regular at the moment)