Android ROM Build Release Notes for The Dudes Rogers Rom BETA 0.5
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This is my version of Haykuro's Rogers dump.

NO LONGER Requires SPL .2005
Several apps moved to /data/app or /system/intmem/app to support older SPL. You can move em, delete em, I don't care.
Exchange and HTC Sync Included
Google Maps 3.1.1

HTC_IME is still there on the /data/ partition.
dalvikvm from Ion
Cyanogen's Kernel and Boot from 3.4.2
Wifi Tether 1.51 from
Rogers apps removed
Terminal installed
Superuser app from zinx
Koxx International Weather Widget
Heroic Android Logo (he's just so darn cute.)
Open Overclocker widget.
Modified sysctl.conf from defconil
Added T-Mobile IM (aim/yahoo/msn)
Amazon MP3 from Ion
HTC_CIME and chinese fonts have been removed in the small sys version.
Audio csv files from Ion If you want meltus mod's, you know where to find them, but I wanted bluetooth working out of the box. Please confirm for me.

Heroish theme you've known to love in my other rom.
Modified Launcher
Bug fixes

I just wanted to get this out there for people to play with.
Welcome to another other other other Rogers Rom..that isn't really for Rogers, because they don't have a rooted phone yet...

If you would like to support my work and all the time I invest for this free rom you can donate here

If you have the Hard/Eng/Orig SPL - Note: You need at least 10mb free on /data to keep all the apps.

If you have the .2005 SPL and want a full size rom

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